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iEmoji is a website with lots of emojis and their meanings. It’s a emoji keyboard for the computer.

What is iEmoji about?

Well, because we’re so dependent on emojis in today’s world, we welcome you to our website iEmoji a haven of emojis. Here, we’re committed to solving all your emoji-related problems ranging from generating and decoding emojis for your computer. Emoji copy and paste is also an option for you along with converting emojis from Samsung to Apple or vice versa. You can even use Apple’s emojis separately or Samsung’s. Just stick around and trust in us to give you that service.

What Can We Do For You?

Our website comprises multiple functions that you can benefit from. Some of the most common and simple uses for this website are:

Finding out the Meanings of Emojis

Iemoji houses an array of emojis with their descriptions. This way, every single time you use an emoji, you’re sure of whether it’s an appropriate emoji to use for that occasion or not.

Hunting for Emojis on your Device

If you’re using an Apple device and not sure how to access Apple emojis, then allow us to step in. For older and newer versions – whether be it an iPhone or a MacBook – find the right keys and source for your emojis by going through our guide.

Copying and Pasting iPhone Emojis

No matter what emoji category you’re diving into, ranging from books to insects and weapons, you can simply copy those emojis from our website and paste them into your text. All these emojis can be found in one place under categorical headings for an easy search.

Emoji Generator on iEmoji

The above-mentioned functions are simple and useful in our everyday tasks and means of communication. But what about the more complex tasks such as translation and decoding?

Our website has an emoji decoder that can be used to find out the code of the emoji or vice versa. This tool comes in handy when your computer is unable to or incorrectly visualizes an emoji, or you’re simply curious about the character code. The available codes consist of Unicodes as well as Hex Codes, waiting to be used by you as per your needs.

Finding out emojis’ meaning is one thing, and being able to easily search for them is another. There’s a search function that allows you to look through all iPhone emojis for the one you’re looking for. Through this, you can use the subject to hunt down your emoji, then copy-paste it whenever you need it.

Additionally, emojis tend to look different on Apple devices than on Samsung, creating an invisible feud between the two. The difference in animation is present, and people generally prefer using emojis on iPhones. Therefore, using our website, you can utilize the converter of Android to Apple emoji to see what the emoji would look like on an iPhone or MacBook.

Sometimes, a certain emoji hits home hard, and we can relate to it almost all the time. Or a certain emoji can act as an ice-breaker in some conversations. Nevertheless, emojis are always useful. However, their full effect can’t be fully portrayed via their small size. In such situations, many wish to send a larger size. If such a case arises, then no worries. You can use our emoji generator to change your small-sized emoji into a picture for a larger-sized emoji.

Last but not least, some emojis are frequently used and you just want to save them, right? Well, now you can permanently save the emojis on your hard drive for a much larger icon too. This ensures the availability of iPhone emojis on computer screens all the time.

When Can We Be Remembered?

There are certain moments in life you might come across that will make you remember us and make use of our services. Then, we will be worth remembering, but when will that be?

  • When your device doesn’t have the emoji, you want to use it.
  • You’re curious about what the emoji will look like on the iPhone.
  • An Android emoji doesn’t show up on the iPhone, so you have to use an Android emoji to iPhone translator.
  • You can’t understand what the other person is trying to say, and you need to know the meaning of the emoji.
  • When the emojis start to pop up as unknown objects instead, and you need to see them in a viewable format – decoding the characters will rescue you.
  • The emoji keyboard is nowhere to be found on your device and it needs a little cracking.

If you ever fall into such desperate times, you can always turn to us for further assistance.

Copy and Paste Your Favorite Emojis

We are providers of emoji keyboards for computers, along with other functions relating to it. We help make communication easier because the right communication can certainly fix everything.

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