Laptop Emoji [Copy and Paste]

Laptop Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 💻

What’s more common in today’s world of work and education than a laptop? Laptops have taken over the world as a virtual life begins to settle in. Living the “grind” and “hustling” is also a form of life people now adopt, which has resulted in people working from anywhere and everywhere they are. Hence, laptops have provided us with immense portability, while only increasing their importance. As laptops come into a conversation so often now given their increased prominence in our lives, their emoji, similarly, has increased prominence too. Therefore, the question is – what is the laptop emoji and what does it look like?

Laptop Emoji 2023:


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All Emojis That Can Be Used For Laptop:

💻, 🖥️, 👩🏼‍💻, 🧑‍💻, ⌨️, 👨‍💻, 🖨️, 🖱️

How To Use These Emojis?

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Laptop Emoji Meaning and Appearance

In its true essence, a laptop is a portable computer, unlike the typical desktop computers and PCs when they first came out. Laptops have the same function as a computer, making them extremely convenient and usable in our everyday lives. Laptops are used in all walks of life – from education to work and leisure activities. They don’t need to be placed at a particular spot, instead, they can be charged and carried around with you. This makes them super handy to use and work with regardless of time, and place. Thus, the emoji of a laptop is supposed to mean and depict nothing less than its function and what it’s used for daily.

Just like the precise meaning of the emoji, even the appearance of the emoji is extremely precise. The emoji looks quite literally like an actual laptop, with some devices and platforms making their emojis look extremely realistic. Nonetheless, on the whole, laptop emojis have a keyboard, a screen, a mousepad, and other features of a laptop. However, there are slight variations from one platform to another such as Apple and Samsung.

Variants of Laptop Computer Emoji

For the most part, the emoji looks the same everywhere. The discrepancies from one variant to another are a form of personalization each platform has taken upon itself, retaining the truth of the emoji. For instance, Apple’s emoji has a very sleek and modern design, with a silver body and shiny black screen and keys. Just by the look of the emoji, you can tell how lightweight and slick the laptop is. On the other hand, WhatsApp’s laptop is slightly bulky looking with a black screen, and grey body.

Samsung’s emoji is also relatively modern; however, the difference lies in its screen color. The screen of the laptop is blue as if it is lit, with a black border, and a silver body. Despite the addition of blue to Samsung’s emoji, it is still a very smooth and modern design.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have their variations as well. Facebook’s design is similar to Apple’s, except that it is heavier, with a dull grey body rather than having a shine. Apart from that, the screen and keys, both are black. Twitter’s emoji lacks specifications such as keys and is more animated looking. It has a grey body, with a blue screen, and just a vague outline of a keyboard and a mousepad instead of well-defined keys.

Complementary Emojis

Besides the emoji of an independent laptop, other emojis can be used alongside. One of them is a person on laptop emoji, which in its technical term is called the “man technologist emoji”. Just as the description explains it, the emoji is a man with a laptop in front of him. Thus, the face of the man only partially shows with the back of the computer screen and its body. Considering that some of the man’s body is also evident, it is noticeable that the man is using the laptop.

At times, people also use the emoji of a computer as technically, both laptops and computers, are personal computer systems. Therefore, the depiction of a similar concept by both emojis, sometimes, results in the computer being used in combination with a laptop.

Lastly, because our lives are so technologically intertwined, it’s no surprise that even an emoji of a phone is applicable enough to be used with an emoji of a laptop. Much like the emojis, our phones, and laptops are often in sync with their data, making this combination very much relatable.

Emoji Availability on Mac and Windows

All emojis are now readily available on phones, no matter what the device is or what the platform being used is. Hence, a question always remains – is the emoji available on Mac and Windows? Given today’s advancement and rapid use of emojis, yes, it is!

On your phone to get the emojis, you have to access the emoji keyboard. Similarly, on your computer to get the emoji, the emoji keyboard has to be accessed which is only a few presses away.

On Windows, pressing the Windows logo key followed by the full-stop key gets the keyboard. Once the emoji keyboard is there, it only takes a little bit of searching to get the emoji.

Whereas, on Mac, pressing the control + command + space bar keys gets the keyboard. Again, just search a little for your desired emoji.