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Fire Emoji

What began with religious and spiritual significance, is now vastly used as a symbol to represent something that’s merely cool. Fire is not just an element on this planet, rather it holds deep meanings in many religions and people of faith. However, with the evolving world, also comes evolving meanings and symbols. Hence, the symbol of fire has also evolved from something deep to something superficial, but both hold their own meanings in their capacities.

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Religious fire emoji meaning

Fire is considered to be a sacred element in some religions. Nonetheless, in most religions, it is associated with “hell” for the punishment of souls. In some religions, 4 main elements bring birth to human life. These four elements are earth, water, fire, and air. Therefore, fire is seen as an element that bridges the gap between god and humans since it brings people to life. Believing in such a phenomenon, religions like Zoroastrian and Hinduism perform rituals and ceremonies with fire upon the birth of a child. 

Chinese, Christians, and as well as Hebrews have a religious significance of fire too. For them, fire denotes the concept of divinity. Martyrdom is glorified in Christianity with the use of fire to symbolize it. Religions such as Islam, strongly believe in fire present in hell for punishments. Therefore, Muslims see fire as a form of distraught and distress, a reminder of what the hereafter could be like if life is not rightly lived. 

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Other potential meanings of the fire symbol

On another note, the fire emoji portrays the concept of purification. Not only is one pure when they’re born, but fire is also seen to purify life when living. Realistically, fire forests burn everything down and then nature regrows, correct? Similarly, fire brings purification wherever it goes because it allows resurrection. It also symbolizes creativity, chaos, transformation, knowledge, and wisdom. 

Besides such symbols of fire, the cultural meaning of fire differs too. In Egypt, fire does not have a religious association with it. Instead, Egyptians relate fire with passion, wisdom, and knowledge, compelling themselves to use fire for power and superiority. The power comes with having control like a fire has the power to control one’s life with its flames and destroy it. Superiority comes with fire’s extravagance and intensity. 

Freud, the Founding Father of Psychology also had his reservations about fire, giving the fire emoji all the more meaning. He saw fire as a part of one’s sex drive, which is normally referred to as the ‘libido.’ Fire represents one’s passions which are otherwise considered to be inappropriate and forbidden. 

Today’s trendy meaning of the emoji of fire

The reason why this emoji is now used varies drastically from what the symbol was initially used for. Nonetheless, it grows from old concepts and is driven by them. The emoji is a yellow flame with an orangish-red outline. In a narrower perspective, it is used when one is talking about something with passion, referring to something fierce, and exciting. In slang, it is typically used to talk about something that is “cool.” 

On the other hand, it has a more specific usage too now. If you’ve noticed, this emoji is most commonly seen in the comments section on Instagram photos. Owing to fire’s symbolism of passion, superiority, and power, today’s generation now translates that into a more colloquial style of language, using fire to say that they think somebody looks hot and attractive. In other words, when somebody is at their best, performing excellently and taking the crowd with them, they’re said to be “on fire”. This phrase is impartially also from where the emergence of fire emoji text comes from. “Lit” is also a trendy word that is visualized with the help of this emoji. 

The visuals of the emoji

Whether it be Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, or WhatsApp, even if you pick up Twitter and Messenger – all places have more or less the same looking emoji. Each emoji is a flame, outlined with red. The center of the flame is almost always yellow. No matter what system you’re using, it should only take you a second to recognize the flame as the similarity amongst all is relatively the same, and the flame itself is quite obvious. 

However, there is one emoji of fire that is prominent and stands out among all. The outline features of this emoji are the same as the regular fire symbol. What’s different though is the color between the two. This emoji doesn’t have a yellow flame, instead, it has a blue flame. The blue fire emoji is used to denote protection and safety. Drawing from safety, peace is signified using the blue fire. If your keyboard is missing it, you can always have blue fire emoji copy and paste ready from here to get to your desired place. Because of the rare usage of this symbol, it is often not found on keyboards, therefore, you have the option to copy fire emoji from here.

Ways to get the emoji on your computer screen

Most people believe that getting emojis when typing something is only possible on their phones with the emoji keyboard attached to the normal text. Though the emoji keyboard is not as apparent on laptops and computers, that doesn’t mean that it’s not present at all. Much to many people’s surprise, the emoji keyboard is also available on a computer, whether it’s a Mac or Windows. A very minute effort has to be made to find this keyboard, but it can surely be done. 

  • Mac

  1. Click on the location where you’d like your emoji to appear and leave the cursor there. 
  2. While the cursor remains in that spot, press the following keys: command, control, spacebar
  3. After doing this, an emoji keyboard should appear. On this, you can navigate for your emojis by scrolling or by simply searching for them in the search bar. 
  • Windows

  1. Click on the location where you’d like your emoji to appear and leave the cursor there. 
  2. While the cursor remains in that spot, press the following keys: windows logo, full-stop/period
  3. After doing this, an emoji keyboard should appear. On this, you can navigate for your emojis by scrolling or by simply searching for them in the search bar. 

And with that, you can now leave comments on your friend’s pictures using the emoji with fire even from your laptop!