Line Symbols【Meaning and Symbolism】

Symbol of Line For You To Copy and Paste is ━

Line Symbol 

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During a conversation on any platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., We use specific symbols to express our feelings in a better way. When it is concerned with a line, copy and paste it from FB Symbols to your chat section.


Similarly, you may not find a specific line symbol in math on your online platform when you want to teach someone. Without symbols, it is pretty challenging to understand maths online. To solve this problem, FB Symbols come forward. It provides you with that specific vertical or horizontal line symbol. Copy and paste it into your conversation and convey a complete sense of information.

Line Symbol 2024


Copy & Paste

All Symbols that can be used for line:

━, ─, │, ┃, ︳,━,╱,╲,﹋,﹌,﹏,︴,﹎,╍,┅,┉,╴,─,╹,〣,〢,〡,┆,┋,╸,☰,┇,║,╿,╽

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the line symbol in just one click. Just click on the line symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.


To add a twist to your conversation, a particular aesthetic line symbol contributes the most. Because this is not often available on any platform, it is available in separate parts, and it isn’t easy to form any shape through those parts. FB Symbols have a massive range of these symbols in particular shapes. 


The upper line symbol is used to overline any of the characters or a whole word and is primarily used when teaching someone the subjects that include calculations and a specific line symbol. Geometry also engages this kind of symbol to make it more straightforward for the students. 


Mainly, the text becomes distinct and transparent instead of bolding the text we use to add a line under that specific word through a horizontal line. It is used not only during teaching but also in conversation to deliver a comprehensive message. 


Sometimes you do not find a vertical line symbol. On the keyboard, there is no button for this key. So what to do next? It’s not a thing to be worried about for the reason that FB Symbols are there for you. Any vertical line symbol is just away from the distance of copy and paste.