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Some commonly used symbols are Pentacle, Triple moon, Eye of Horus, ankh, Hecate’s wheel, Triquetra, Triskele, Setogram, Spiral Goddess, Labyrinth, Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Eye of Ra, Horned God, Schwarze Sonne, Mandala, Tree of life, Rod of Asclepius, Caduceus, Ouroboros, Valknut, Flower of life and Thor’s Hammer.

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What is a Pagan Symbol?

In today’s world, symbols are important. Our rituals and traditions incorporate pagan symbols, which have been used for thousands of years. Various countries and faiths continue to use these symbols to represent their practices and beliefs today. Pagan worship in the modern world has evolved into modern paganism. 

What Are The Pagan Icons?

Pagan icons are the modern symbols used today to represent religious and other beliefs, such as images of earth, water, fire, spirits, gods, blessings, magic, and religion. Ancient civilizations used these symbols to communicate. Now in the modern era, they represent the veracity of things and are divided into different parts, such as Celtic and Wicca. 

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All Symbols that can be used for Pagan Symbols:

🕯☽☾🔮🖤 🍄🕸🕷⛥ ☽⛤☾⛥☽🧿☾⛥🕯☽☾🔮🖤⊕ஃ⛧𖦹⛤🪬🧿🪬⛤𖤐♂️

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What are Ancient Pagan Symbols?

Ancient pagan symbols were used in a number of ancient cultures, including Greece, Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, and others. Originally, these symbols served to identify an individual’s location, but over time, they came to represent specific groups of people, such as sects and religions. 

Pagan Earth Symbol

The definition of earth prompted by scholars tell us that earth is a combination of four spheres i.e. hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and atmosphere (water, land, living thing & air) this four component has their own symbols and icons contrary the east symbol represents the abundance, prosperity and fertility. These symbols are mostly represented in the form of triangles. 

Pagan Goddess Symbol

The few most famous pagan goddess symbols are Triquetra: A widely used symbol that represents mind, body and soul while some say it represents feminine spirituality but no strong evidence has been found till today. Next in line is the triple goddess symbol that represents the three aspects of goddess i.e. maiden, mother and crone. While, pentacle goddess is associated with Earth, its four aspects and connection between them. Contrary, the spiral Goddess sign; which was widely used in Paleolithic times, represents the continuing circle of life, death and rebirth and the Hecate’s circle represents the maiden, mother and crone. The Hectare Was a Greek goddess who was associated with crossroads, entrances, the moon, witchcraft, magic, herbs, necromancy, and sorcery while the circle represents the strength and power of her.

More Symbols and their Meanings:



money-symbol.gif (1412 bytes) Pagan Money Symbol
marriage-pagan.gif (1438 bytes) Pagan Marriage Symbol
pagan-spirituality.gif (1438 bytes) Pagan Spirituality Symbol
mother-pagan-symbol.gif (1389 bytes) Mother Symbol
health-pagan.gif (1400 bytes) Pagan Health Symbol
deadly-symbol.gif (1400 bytes) Deadly Symbol
rebirth-pagan-symbol.gif (1437 bytes) Pagan Rebirth Symbol
yonic-symbol.gif (1429 bytes) Pagan Yonic Symbol
witch-pagan-symbol.gif (1454 bytes) Pagan Witch Symbol
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Pagan Moon Symbol 

The pagan moon symbol is widely known as the triple moon which describes the three phases of moon i.e. waxing, full, and waning while some believe that there are three goddesses in the moon that represent the phases of motherhood i.e. maiden, mother and crone.

Pagan Religious Symbol

The pagan religious symbol represents the emblem of belief, sects and religion. The widely known religious pagan symbols are Latin cross, Russian orthodox cross, Buddhism, Judaism, Jehovah, Shinto, Hinduism, Muslims, atheist, Mormon, Wicca, Sikhism, Luther rose, Celtic cross, Messianic Jewish, medicine wheel and so on. All of these symbols have their own icons like stars, cross, hands, crescent, cross or circle etc.

Pagan Fertility Symbol

The pagan fertility symbol represents the life cycle. These symbol represents how life started from plants, to animals and humans on this planets these signs are the cross, ankh, Celtic, dragon, Lingam and Yoni in religious manner, while Bee, Ladybug, Snake, Owl, Frog in animal contrary, Lotus, orchid, Hollyhock, Barrenwort, Cornflower, Poppy, Catnip in Flowers and wedding cakes, mermaid, moonstone, Aventurine, Phallus are the famous fertility symbol for humans.

Pagan Sun Symbol

The pagan sun symbol means light and life in all cosmos of life. This symbol also represents wisdom, power, sovereignty, justice in a religious context. The sun is often identified as a supreme deity or power of beneficence.

Pagan Love Symbol

The pagan love symbol is also known as Heptagram, eleven star or Fairy stay. This symbol is used to represent the strength and power of love as well as different spheres of Venus.

Pagan Blessing Symbol

Pagan blessing symbol is represented by a crescent and three drops down the crescent. The crescent represents the blessing of the Moon goddess and the three drops represent the three aspects of; the Maids, the Mother and the Crone.

Pagan Triangle Symbol

The Pagan triangle symbol represents air, earth, fire, and water. In contrast, the top-lined triangle signifies air, whereas the bottom-lined triangle indicates earth; however, the triangle represents fire, whereas the upside-down triangle signifies water.

Wicca Symbols

The symbols of ancient pagan symbols are used to re-create Wicca. Wiccans are those who adhere to this belief system. In Wicca, there are several symbols which are used worldwide. These are Moon symbols, Horned Gods, Trinity Knots, Witch Charms, Ankhs, Eleven Stars and more. Pentagram is the most familiar Wiccan symbol; a star surrounded by a circle, in which the star represents the earth, fire, air, water, and spirit, and the circle represents the loop of life, death, and rebirth.

Wicca God Symbols

The Wicca god symbol represents the power, strength and responsibilities of their deities the well-known Wiccan god symbols are Moon symbol and horned god, these symbols are also known as triple moon which represent the goddess of moon that shows the phase cycle of women i.e. maiden, mother and crone. While horned god represent the phase cycle of men i.e. master, father and sage.

Deity Symbols

Each and every deity symbol represents a god or goddess as well as their responsibilities, power, and strength. In contrast to the fact that almost all god deities represent the phase cycles of men, there are many goddesses that represent the phase cycle of women.

Pagan Symbols in America

Most American traditions are deeply rooted in paganism, and the founders of the United States like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine weren’t just political rebels but also outright spiritual radicals whose motto was “In God We Trust.”. The most widely known pagan symbol in America is the Temple of Equality, the Pentagram, and the Goddess.

Pagan Symbols in Christianity

In the Christian tradition, Neopaganism plays a crucial role. In addition to adopting pagan symbols and practices, it has also taken up pagan practices. In Christianity, the most common symbols are crosses, ichthyosis fish, wreaths, halos, chalices, and phallic symbols.