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symbols for darkness

According to the darkness symbolism, it has various symbols for darkness. As the word darkness has different aspects that have different backgrounds, it has several representations of darkness that you can use. 

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Let’s have a look at the symbols of light first.

  • According to ancient Sun worshippers, the Sun was the symbol of light as it is the main source of light. 
  • According to divination, the representation of divine light is the crystal ball. 

Now let’s talk about darkness. It is itself a representation of mystery, evil, death, fear, unknown, pain, depression, anxiety, and all such things. Poets or writers also use it for conveying negativity or the dark side of the story. Darkness has symbols like red and black colors, tears of sadness, a skull with crossbones, The Pentacle, the crown of thrones, etc. These dark symbols have meanings that explain what they represent. A couple of examples of dark symbols and their meanings are as follows:

  • Crown of Thrones

It represents Jesus’s sufferings and death.

  • The Pentacle

It represents the Feminine principle.

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Symbols for Darkness 2024


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All Symbols for Darkness:

⛸️ 🍙 🎱 🔌 💿 📎 ⚽️ *🔗* *🏁* 💀 🖇 🕷️ 🕸️ ⛓ 🐜 🥋 🧷 ⏱ 📇 🗑️🖤

How To Use These Symbols:

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What Are The Symbols Of Darkness?

Darkness is a state that people use to represent things but it does have its representations. You can view the explanation below:

” The representative words, designs, logos, or emblems that people use to symbolize darkness are known as the symbols of darkness.”

What Does Darkness Mean?

Darkness is a state when light is deficient in an environment. Its literal meaning is the absence of light that makes everything dull and dark. It is the meaning of darkness that we mostly use in our everyday life whenever we want to mention a dark and lack of light area or place. You can have an idea from the following examples:

  • The flickering candle didn’t help much as the darkness was the same there as before. 
  • John turned the lights off and let the darkness knock over the room.

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What Does Darkness Symbolize?

Symbolism is different from the meanings of words in the context or their literal meanings. It lets the possible aspects, shades, and shadows of words help originate other perspectives. Here we have the word of darkness in our consideration and discussion. It has its symbolic meaning and is also a representation of something other than the absence of light. But, the question is what does darkness represent in symbolism?

Word darkness has made its impact through its use in literature, arts, and psychology, etc. The conflict of light and dark is in use for its literal aspect and symbolic one. Darkness represents a lot of things like fear, being alone, deprived of life or loneliness, evil, and many such things like that and, every aspect holds their reasoning.

Here we have some explanations for the symbolism of Darkness:

1) When it becomes dark, there is no light around. It often gives a sense of fear. This situation is likely to make most people afraid if they stay in such a place for long.

2) When light is absent, it stops the majority of actions that are dependent on light. It’s a time that ceases life activities.

3) As the darkness spreads everywhere and it holds the charge of things all alone, it seems to be a mystery that is not solved yet or the rule or power of evil that is prominent all over.

Symbols For Good And The Evil

Good and evil are always opposing each other from the start of life.

Good things always come up with positivity, passionate vibes, purity, happiness, and all that is concerned with life without causing harm to anyone. Good things are more likely to give other people a new way to think and live whenever they face something bad in their life. 

Whereas, evil is associated with negativities, mysterious things, dominating with evil power, etc. 

There are several designs that one can use as symbols of good and evil. Sometimes, in Christianity, it is represented by a cross and crucifix. Angel and lights can also symbolize good, and demons and darkness can represent evil.

Ancient Symbols Of Darkness

Darkness has been in the use of people for symbolism for centuries. It also has ancient symbols that people used for the dark in ancient times. For instance, the Symbol of Dark Side, Hamsa, Dark Side of the Force, and other such darkness symbols represent it.