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Vertical Line Symbol

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Meaning: Vertical line Symbol means “such that” mathematically. It is used in mathematics as well as texts too. 

Vertical Line Symbol 2024


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All Symbols that can be used for Vertical Line:

|, │,┃,╽,╿,╏,║,╎,︱,┊,︳,┋,┆,╹,〣, ║〢┋┆╎⏸↕⛓️🚦‼

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Use of Vertical Line Symbol

The vertical Line Symbol is used in mathematics. It is primarily used in mathematical equations. If you are confused about why the Vertical Line Symbol in math equations is used so frequently, here’s your answer: It is used as a short form for “such that.” That’s why it is used in sets. 


Apart from mathematical meaning, the vertical line symbol is also used for aesthetics. Aesthetic line symbol adds much softness and vintage vibes to texts. The vertical Line emoji also serves this purpose. 


The vertical line emoji is also used in YouTube video channels. Some people cannot grasp its concept. However, the main idea is to add pauses and starting a new phrase after the vertical line. This vertical line is also called a slash. 


Vertical line text symbols are widely used for aesthetics, mathematical equations, and pauses. Today, netizens, as well as mathematicians, all use it commonly. That’s why it is found on every keyboard, whether it’s your tab, mobile, or computer. 


Curved Line Symbol (~)

The curved line symbol is a small horizontal symbol. It is also used for mathematical equations. It is used as a symbol form for “approximately and around.”


Today, aesthetes also use curved line symbols for aesthetics. 


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Symbols have a variety of uses. Even mathematical symbols have become aesthetic symbols today. You can copy it from here ( | ) and paste it to the targeted text if you want to insert it in word, an app, or text. Use it today and have fun sending aesthetic symbols.