Fast-Forward Symbol [Emoji, Copy and Paste]

Fast-Forward Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is ⏩

The fast-forward symbol (⏩) is an iconic and instantly recognizable character, often seen on media players, remotes, and various user interfaces. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, meaning, and usage of the fast-forward symbol and multiple ways to type it using alt codes and keyboard shortcuts.

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A Brief History of the Fast-Forward Symbol

The fast-forward symbol was first introduced in the early 20th century with the advent of audio recording technology. Initially used on reel-to-reel tape recorders, the symbol quickly became a visual cue for the fast-forward function on various media devices, including cassette players, VCRs, and digital media players.

Understanding the Fast Forward Symbol 

The fast-forward symbol is universally understood to represent moving quickly through audio or visual content. Comprising two right-pointing triangles, the symbol signifies the acceleration of playback speed, allowing users to skip through media and promptly locate specific segments or points of interest.

Typing the Fast Forward Symbol Using Alt Codes

While the fast-forward symbol is less commonly typed than other symbols, inserting it into your text using alt codes is still possible. Remember that the availability of alt codes for the fast-forward symbol may vary depending on your platform or software. Here are the alt codes for the fast-forward symbol on various platforms:

  • Windows: Alt + 9193 (using the numeric keypad)
  • Mac: There is no specific alt code, but you can use the Emoji & Symbols menu (Control+ Command+ Space) and search for “fast forward” to insert the symbol.

Other Methods for Typing the Fast Forward Symbol

If alt codes aren’t your preferred method, there are other ways to type the fast-forward symbol:

  • Please copy and paste the fast-forward symbol (⏩) from this post and paste it into your text.
  • Emoji & Symbols menu: As mentioned earlier, Mac users can access the fast forward symbol through the Emoji & Symbols menu by pressing Control+ Command+ Space and searching for “fast forward.”

Creative Uses for the Fast Forward Symbol

While the fast-forward symbol is primarily associated with media playback, it can also be used creatively. Some examples include:

  • Artwork and design: Incorporate the fast-forward symbol into your plans to convey a sense of motion or progression.
  • Metaphorical meaning: Use the fast-forward symbol to represent moving forward, overcoming obstacles, or embracing change.


The fast-forward symbol is a familiar and widely understood character thanks to its long-standing association with media playback devices. By learning its history, meaning, and usage, as well as mastering alt codes and other methods for typing it, you can employ the fast-forward symbol in both practical and creative contexts.