Nerd Face Emoji [Symbol, Copy and Paste]

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Nerds are some of the most disliked people in schools. They are made fun of for their curiosity and their willingness to learn. Nerds have a stereotype attached to them of being selfish in class, saying that they don’t know the learning material when they do and always scoring the best. They are also known for their massive black glasses which are typically square, and rectangle shaped that cover most of their face. These glasses are, unfortunately, iconic to them and used a lot to represent nerds, and hence, there’s a nerd face emoji for that. 

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Nerd Face Emoji 2024:


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How to use these symbols? 

Copy and paste the Nerd Face Emoji in just one click. Just click on the Nerd Face Emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

What is the emoji like? 

The emoji has several other names and descriptions based on what it looks like given the glasses. Thus, the “glasses face emoji” is a smiling emoji, yellow like all others. The emoji is smiling with the teeth showing and bucking out. Moreover, to top it off, the emoji has black frames to give it the ‘nerdy’ effect. 

The emoji is the same across all platforms with minor variations in the color of the emoji, the tint in the glasses, or the shape and color of the eyes. Other than that, just by looking at the emojis, it’s a face with glasses emoji. 

Another emoji that is often confused with the one for nerds, is the emoji that is wearing sunglasses. The difference in the emojis is not just the addition of sunglasses instead of regular glasses, but it also has a smile without teeth. 

Problems with the Emoji 

The emoji has had some allegations in the past. It has been considered as “anti-Asian” because of its yellow color, and the negative stereotype attached to Asians being nerds. The yellow face with buck teeth majorly pushes the emoji to fall into the racist category. 

Google and Facebook have, thus, redesigned their emoji to not have buck teeth, perhaps in acknowledgment of the potential harm the emoji was causing. 

Why is the emoji used? 

The use of the emoji is self-explanatory considering its label has the word “nerd” in it – it is used for a typical nerd. The emoji of nerd mostly signifies excellence in learning, being a reader, and just generally smart. The word “dorky” is also attached to nerds, making it appropriate to use the emoji then. On the other hand, it may also be used to self-deprecate. Nonetheless, it can also be used positively to show self-expression because some nerds are cool, and there’s no harm in being smart and wanting to be smart. 

The codes of the emoji are: 

  • Unicode: U+1F913
  • Windows Alt code: ALT 129299