Pig Emoji 【Symbol, Copy and Paste】

Pig Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🐷

Farm animals are easygoing and are often seen as innocent, sweet, and cute. Many farm animals end up being man’s best friend, including horses, goats, and pigs. If raised on the farm, these animals become tamed according to how they’ve been raised by their human farm owners, making them fun to hang out with. Pigs are farm animals and have emojis representing them. These emojis are not just used in their literal sense but are also used metaphorically due to some symbolic origins. So, this article will answer your question as to what a pig emoji is like and what it could mean. 

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Pig Emoji 2024:


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All Emojis That Can Be Used For Pig:

🐷, 🐽, 🐖, 🐗, 🐰, 🐺, 🐻, 🐮, 🦊

How To Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the pig symbol in just one click. Just click on the pig symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Is the Emoji a Full Pig or Just the Face? 

Some animals are blessed to have their entire bodies showcased in an emoji, while others only have their faces. With the latter, however, they get the privilege of getting cartoony features as their faces, making them quite adorable. Hence, to answer the question, the emoji of a pig comes in both forms – face and full body. 

Full Pig Emoji

This emoji is an accurate description of a pig – plump and stout. The pig is light pink and stands on all four of its legs with a short, twisted tail peeking from the back. Moreover, it has a long snout and the direction of the pig is towards the left on all applications and devices but Skype. 

Apple and Samsung’s emojis are quite similar except for the shade of light pink with Apple aiming for more of a peach color. Facebook’s emoji is more realistic looking than others and has an angled profile rather than a complete side profile. While these pigs have lots of detailing on their emojis, Twitter’s emoji lacks any such detailing and just has eyes as a feature. The face of WhatsApp’s emoji is the most visible and is more rounded and comical than all others. 

Pig Face Emoji

The emoji of a pig face is precisely the face of a pig staring right at the users. The face is pink, with some applications and devices giving it a neutral expression, while others give it a friendly smile. The nose of the pig is distinctive like it is in real life, along with the ears pointing out, with a slight flop in them. 

The face on Apple’s emoji has an innocent smile, while the rest lack any features of the mouth after the nose. 

What Could the Emoji Mean? 

There are numerous pig face emoji meanings – ones you could have thought of yourself and ones that might be a surprise to you. Some meanings that we’re all familiar with at some level is the piggy bank – people might use this emoji when talking about their money and safe spaces for them. Additionally, pigs are generally considered cute farm animals, making the emoji prevalent in such conversations. Probably originating from pigs being cute farm animals, the emoji is appropriate to use in conversations regarding love, endearment, and attachment. Pigs are typically sloppy animals that create a mess around themselves; hence, you might also come across the emoji being used for unorganized and unkept behavior. 

Some of the meanings that you’re probably not aware of are greed and rapaciousness. When pigs are hungry, they tend to get very possessive and rowdy. Therefore, pigs are often associated with gluttony and lust, and people use such associations for others with such actions and thoughts. Other probable meanings include using the pig to represent sexist behavior in someone, accompanied by snobbish behavior as well.

The term “a pig” is normally used in slang language as well, making the emoji common in similar tones and texts. Thus, pig emoji text occurs in the presence of someone who is ignorant of their work and simply does not do a great job at them. Typically, such people don’t value their work, the responsibility on them and the lack of their efficiency end up causing trouble for others. For such people, the term “a pig” seems fit, subsequently making the emoji fit to use too. 

On a positive note, pigs symbolize wealth and fortune. They bring with them love and are peace-loving in nature. They can be relied upon and are sincere barn animals. 

Where is this Emoji? 

On your cell phones, every keyboard has a consequent keyboard which allows for the emoji keyboard to be simultaneously present as well. That emoji keyboard makes the emoji of a pig easily accessible. 

The real question lies in whether or not Mac and Windows have emojis of a pig. With today’s advancement, they sure do and it’s a very simple process. 

To get these emojis on Mac, place your cursor on where you want the emoji and press command + control + spacebar. Doing this will make the emoji keyboard pop up. To find a pig, just scroll down or type in the search bar. 

On Windows, it is the same process with a difference in the keys to process. Here, first press the Windows Logo Key, and while pressing onto that, press the period key and an emoji keyboard should pop up.