Knife Emoji [Symbol, Copy and Paste]

Knife Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🔪

Some people may immediately think of a knife used for carvings, such as pumpkins and trees upon hearing the word. Some people’s minds may easily go to a knife used in the kitchen for purposes such as cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat. On the other hand, some might recognize a knife as something used to stab people or cut into people like in surgery. Therefore, this makes the usage of knives diverse and specialized. So, if those are the endless possibilities of how to use a knife in actuality, what can its emoji be used for? 

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Knife Emoji 2024:


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All Emoji That Can Be Used For Knife:

🔪,🗡,⚔,🗡️,🪓,⚔️,✝,𐐘 𐐘 𐐘 🔪⚔️🗡️⚔️

How to use these emojis? 

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What is the knife emoji like? 

The emoji popularly found on the emoji keyboards under the name of a knife is a kitchen knife emoji, also referred to as ‘Hocho.’ Hocho is the Unicode name of the emoji as well. This emoji should not be confused with that of a dagger used for stabbing, or the emoji of crossed swords. 

The classic emoji of a knife is an angled knife at 45 ֯, pointing toward the right bottom corner. The knife is almost always made with a black handle. Furthermore, the blade of the knife is shiny silver like a real kitchen knife. 

While knife emoji iPhone and Samsung have created a benchmark of the knife pointing at the right, WhatsApp and Facebook, however, stand out in that aspect. WhatsApp’s emoji is pointing towards the top right corner, while Facebook’s is pointing towards the left bottom corner. On a completely different note, Skype’s knife has a brown handle, instead of a black. 

The emoji was added to our keyboards in 2015 after being approved as a part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. The Unicode is U+1F5E1.

Knife Emoji Meaning 

Because the emoji is precisely of a kitchen knife, it is intended to depict the cutting of fruits, vegetables, meat, and all sorts of other similar items that are found in a kitchen. 

However, users use the knife for many other purposes as well giving it a different meaning. The emoji is used when referring to stabbing incidents, that’s why they may also call it a ‘blade emoji. Whereas, it can be used positively to replace the term “killed it!” when cheering someone on. So next time around if your friend or someone does something out of the ordinary, which is beyond excellent, you could simply send the emoji of a knife instead of typing “killed it!” Thus, the emoji can not only be used in texting like that but can also be used to comment on somebody’s fiery posts, photos, and videos.