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Kaaba Emoji

The Kaaba is a holy site for Muslims, where people of the Islamic faith gather together to perform pilgrimage and worship their god. Moreover, Muslims believe that the Kaaba is the house of their god, and it’s the holiest site in their belief system. The Kaaba is located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and in itself, it is located in the center of the Holy Mosque, the masjid al-Haram. It is where Muslims from all over the world gather to perform prayer and worship, as they believe it to be the most sacred site in their religion. To help Muslims communicate more easily, there stands a Kaaba emoji as well amongst numerous others.

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Kaaba emoji meaning

The Holy Kaaba has a major significance in the faith of Islam, where Muslims believe that it is God’s home. Therefore, for them, Kaaba is also associated with the Oneness of God, as historical events narrate that worshipping idols were destroyed in the home of God to complete the religion of Islam and the grounds it is built upon – the oneness of God. Moreover, Muslims, all across the globe, face the Kaaba when performing their five daily prayers.

To perform a pilgrimage, Muslims visit the Kaaba in the Masjid Al-Haram (a mosque in Makkah, KSA) and make seven rounds around it. Therefore, the Kaaba is where Muslims gather for worship. With that said, the Kaaba’s importance is very high in the eyes of Muslims, and they frequently make use of its emoji.

The emoji is a black, cube-shaped building with a strip of gold at the top half of the black. On most platforms, it is a three-dimensional figure with an angle from the corner. Facebook’s emoji has an additional golden strip at the bottom, while WhatsApp has a gray base on which the Kaaba stands.

Other Muslim emojis

Besides the Kaaba, there are other sacred sites for the Muslims that are associated with their Prophets and their journey in life. One such place for them is the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia where Masjid-e-Nabwi holds prominence for Muslims. It is the city of their Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him), and so the mosque houses the Prophet’s grave and was also built by the Prophet PBUH himself. Therefore, the mosque emoji for Muslims is also the Madinah emoji for them, as the most peaceful mosque is the one in Madinah.

Besides the one in Madinah, mosques generally represent the place where Muslims pray and worship. The mosque emoji has a dome structure, with a minaret at the top, and tall standing pillars on the side. Some emojis even feature a crescent at the top of the minaret, such as on Facebook, Samsung, and Skype. Mosques in the Islamic faith are typically oriental in architecture and design; therefore, the color of the emojis is also on the palette of bronze, gold, and white.

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