Eagle Emoji [Meaning, Copy and Paste]

Eagle Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🦅

An eagle is known to be associated with the United States of America. So even if you haven’t seen an eagle in real life, you’ve probably seen it somewhere next to the US flag at least once in your life. Nonetheless, eagles have significance outside of America and are symbolically connected with many countries around the globe. Clearly, eagles have so much prominence that they have their own, solo emoji that can be used to represent their inner meanings. So, you ask – what is this “inner meaning” we speak of? Or what does the emoji even look like? Is it the entire bird, or just the head? 

Eagle Emoji 2023:


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All Emoji That Can Be Used For Eagle:

🦅, 𓅂,𓆆,🕊,🕊️,⚜,🦉,🦇,🐦,🔱,✈,𓆰𓆪

How to use these Emojis? 

Copy and paste the eagle emoji in just one click. Just click on the eagle emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Symbol Meanings of the Eagle Emoji 

Stemming from the above discussion, an eagle is in fact, a national emblem of the United States. Americans patriotically make use of the bird to signify their bravery and freedom. The eagle celebrates their strength and because of how fierce and independent it is, it is meant to portray how America came into being with struggle and a beautiful fight, much like an eagle’s effortless sweeps. Therefore, the emoji of an eagle is especially used by Americans on the 4th of July, their Independence Day, as well as President’s Day in February. Growing from this, there also exists an American company called “American Eagle.” 

Additionally, the eagle emoji meaning is not for Americans alone. The Golden Eagle is the national animal of Austria, and the National Bird of many countries including Scotland, Mexico, and Albania. Similarly, different species of eagles like the African Fish Eagle or Harpy Eagle have various significance for different countries. 

Other than the native American Symbolism, the emoji can simply be used in conversation when talking about an actual eagle. 

What does the emoji look like? 

Eagles are created with a brown body, a characteristic white head, and a yellow buck. It’s evident from how squinched the eyes of the eagle are, that it is an angry bird and prey. Therefore, in all emojis it is facing left and is in flight, with its wings spread out, ready to attack its target. The tail of some of the platform’s emojis is visible, which is also white. Other than that, they all look quite similar, be it eagle emoji iPhone or WhatsApp. 

However, Twitter’s emoji is completely different from all other emojis of an eagle. Twitter’s emoji contains just the head of the emoji which is facing toward the left. Moreover, its bodily fur is more black than brown. 

The codepoints of the emoji are U+1F985