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In many disciplines, including mathematics, physics, and computer science, different concepts are represented by the symbol of the triple bar, a well-known mathematical symbol, also triple bar symbol in word The symbol, also known as the three-bar equal sign, is made up of three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another.

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The triple bar symbol meaning, which denotes equality between two mathematical expressions, is equality between two values and it is frequently used in mathematics. When the triple bar symbol meaning in math is used to separate two expressions, it indicates that they are equivalent in terms of value or meaning. To show that two expressions are equivalent, “3x + 2 = 8” and “x = 2” can both be written as “3x + 2 8”. The triple bar symbol, which is used in physics, is used to represent the idea of congruence between two objects or systems. It means that the shape, size, and orientation of two objects or systems are the same when they are said to be congruent. 

The triple bar symbol is frequently used in computer science to denote strict equality between two values or objects. When two values or objects are said to be strictly equal, it means that their value, data type, and memory address are all exactly the same. This idea is represented by the triple bar in programming languages like JavaScript and PHP. On a typical computer, can be found the symbol of the triple bar on the Keyboard, usually on the same key as the backslash () symbol. This key is typically found above Enter and to the left of Shift on keyboards. The triple bar symbol can be copied and pasted, and has its detractors, despite being used widely in many fields. 

The symbol has been criticized for being unclear or deceptive because it can be challenging to tell it apart from other symbols like the double bar and single bar. Others have brought up the possibility of ambiguity or incorrect interpretation due to the symbol’s use in various contexts. Some designers and mathematicians have suggested developing different iterations of the symbol of the triple bar that are more aesthetically pleasing or simpler to comprehend in order to address these criticisms. For instance, one proposal proposes that equivalence in mathematical expressions be denoted by a different symbol, such as a tilde or double tilde.