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Our eyes are a blessing and a great asset in our lives. The sense of seeing, and just having vision comes from our eyes. If you think about it, before we even decide to touch or taste anything, we look at those things with our eyes first. This forms the basis of our perception and what information we take in from the world. On the other hand, our eyes can also do most of the talking for us, as they say, “eyes are a window to the soul.” With that said, how do we fully express what our soul wants to say over text? Is there eyes emoji for that? What does it mean? 

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Eye Symbol 2024:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Eye:

👁 𓁹 𓁺 👁️‍🗨️ 👁️ 👀 🧿 🧐

How To Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the eyes symbol in just one click. Just click on the eyes symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Significance Of Eyes

Besides our eyes giving us one of the most important senses, we use our eyes to give a certain expression of how we feel, such as when we roll our eyes. We pop our eyes wide open in astonishment. We use our eyes to show we’re crying or glistening with happiness – a smile is visible through our eyes. Hence, our eyes play a major role in our communication, whether it be how communication is started via perception, or how we continue to express ourselves. 

However, when we are texting, we can’t visually show our eyes to someone to deliver our full meaning. This is why emojis aid in completely telling the other what exactly we mean and are trying to say. Because the eyes always depict some sort of internal shenanigan, the emoji for eyes is equally important to have as any other emoji. 

What Does The Emoji Look Like? 

Just as we have two eyes, the emoji is also a two-eye emoji. The direction of sight of the emoji is left-sided – just as you give someone or something a glance. The eyes have no extra definition to them, except for two cylindrical outlines of the eyes, and eyeballs in them. 

On most platforms, the emoji looks the same. However, the difference lies in the color of the iris in the eyes, as well as the size of the eyes themselves. Apple and WhatsApp’s eyes have a lighter shade of brown. Whereas, Samsung has a darker shade. Twitter and Facebook altogether have a different color which is grey. The size of Samsung’s eyes, compared to the elongated eyes of Apple, is smaller as they are more compressed and shorter. 

👀 Meaning In Text

What do you mean to say when you’re giving someone “the eye?” Do you mean to say, “I’m watching you?” Do you mean to give them some sort of scandalous approval? Or do you mean to give them a glare filled with attraction? Even if you don’t mean either, giving somebody the side-eye generally means one of these things. Therefore, the eyeball emoji is mostly used in the comments section of a good-looking photo somebody’s uploaded on their social media. The use of this emoji indicates that their picture is charming and that you’ve got your eyes on their beauty. Due to such a connotation, the emoji is also often referred to as a “pervy eyes emoji.” 

In real life, the side eye is also given when there is a dramatic conflict or rift between people mostly due to interpersonal differences. In such scenarios, the expression gives off a judgmental look. Or, mothers usually give a side-eye to their children when they want them to behave or get a certain task done. Hence, giving such an expression helps in shifting attention towards a particular object or a person in conversation. 

What To Do When Somebody Sends You The Eyes Emoji? 

Typically, a lot of people will send the same emoji back in conversation because they’re all in on the same dirty joke. Such a response makes the conversation more naughty and fun to engage in. Catching up on the cheeky conversation, instead of the same emoji as a response, a wink emoji would also do the trick. 

On the other hand, you could totally not know what they’re talking about – in that case, sending the wave emoji gives a cue that you’re initiating a conversation as if you’re clueless. However, if you simply agree with what they’re saying, which is supposedly inappropriate to say, you could simply send the 100 emoji. You could also agree with them in a flirtatious way, making the sunglasses emoji appropriate to send. Similarly, the devil’s emoji is an interesting reply too. 

Technicalities Of The Emoji 

The emoji is originally called, “eyes.” Added in the Unicode in 2010, and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015, its Unicode is U+1F440 

Other Forms Of The Emoji 

The emoji of the Nazar Amulet has risen from Turkish culture and is popularly used in combination with the regular emoji of the eyes. The blue eye emoji meaning comes from the belief that adding this emoji will protect something or someone from the evil eye. Protection from the evil eye essentially comes from protecting one from envy, and jealousy. It is commonly believed in Turkish culture and other similar cultures that different senses of charms may be imposed on someone out of envy – which is why protection from the evil eye is necessary. The emoji is, therefore, a symbol to keep the evil eye away from someone. 

The emoji itself is a singular eye, which is shaped like a bead. The emoji has a dark blue outline, followed by a layer of the white rim, and then a sky blue colored inner rim. In the center of the eye lies a black dot. Generally, in households, the amulet is hung in a thread or is beaded to make a prayer bead. To fulfill both of these purposes, emojis of the blue eye on WhatsApp and Facebook even have a hole at the top, to show an opening to pass thread or wire through it. 

Unlike the regular symbol for eyes, this particular emoji was added a little late to the party. Its Unicode was approved in 2018 alone, which was then added to Emoji 11.0 and not Emoji 1.0, again in 2018.