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A common symbol used in many disciplines, including mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, and engineering, is the double arrow, also known as the double-headed arrow or the bidirectional arrow. The double arrow symbol meaning is two arrows with equal signs or lines in between them that point in opposite directions, one to the left and the other to the right. Depending on the situation, different concepts in mathematics are represented by the double arrow symbol. It is frequently used in set theory to represent the ideas of equivalence and bijective mapping. 

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A bijective function f from set A to set B, which we can denote as A B or A B, would indicate that the two sets A and B are equivalent or have the same cardinality. The concept of logical equivalence or bi-conditionality is symbolized by the double-arrow sign in formal reasoning and logic. If two statements P and Q are given in this situation, we can say that they are logically equivalent if and only if P implies Q and Q implies P, which we can denote as P Q. 

The cross arrow symbol is frequently used in computer science and programming to represent pointers or references. References are aliases or alternative names for other variables, whereas pointers are variables that store the memory addresses of other variables. 

The concept of resonance or the delocalization of electrons in a molecule is represented by the double arrow symbol, which is also used in chemistry. When a molecule has multiple potential structures, we can say that its actual structure is a hybrid or combination of the potential structures, which we can represent as a double-headed arrow connecting the structures. The two-way arrows in Feynman diagrams, which represent the exchange of particles between two interacting particles or fields, are just one example of how different concepts in physics are represented by the symbol of the double arrow. 

The double arrow symbol is also used in thermodynamics to represent reversible actions that can be taken in either direction without causing a systemic change. The symbol of the double arrow is a flexible and important symbol that is used in many fields to represent various concepts, including equivalence, bi-conditionality, pointers, resonance, exchange, and reversibility. Because of the symbol’s clarity and simplicity, complex ideas and relationships can be expressed using it in a practical and universal way.