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The dagger symbol (†) has a rich history and is significant in various contexts, from literature to mathematics. This unique symbol has evolved; today, it is a valuable part of written communication. We’ll explore the origins of the dagger symbol, its different uses, and the alt codes you can use to insert it in your text.

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History and Origin of the Dagger Symbol

Early Beginnings

The dagger symbol, also known as an obelisk, has its roots in ancient Greece. The famous scholar, Aristarchus of Samothrace, used it to mark lines in Homer’s Iliad that he considered spurious. This practice later spread to other works of literature, and the dagger symbol became a widely accepted symbol for annotations and corrections.

Transition to Modern Usage

During the Renaissance, the dagger symbol was adopted by European scholars and became a standard mark in editing and proofreading. Over time, the symbol has evolved and taken on new meanings, but its core purpose remains the same: to serve as a reference marker in written works.

Different Uses of the Dagger Symbol

Footnotes and Annotations

In scholarly writing, the dagger symbol is commonly used to denote footnotes or additional information. A text containing a dagger symbol directs the reader to a corresponding note at the bottom of the page or in a designated section.

Typography and Design

In graphic design and typography, the dagger symbol is often used as a decorative element or to add visual interest to a layout. Designers may use the symbol to separate text sections, create borders, or even as part of a logo or branding.

Mathematics and Science

The dagger symbol also has applications in mathematics and science, where it is used to denote a Hermitian adjoint or conjugate transpose of a matrix. Additionally, in particle physics, it is used to represent the antiparticle of a particle.

Alt codes for the Dagger Symbol


For Windows users, you can insert the dagger symbol using the alt code method. Hold the ‘Alt’ key and type ‘0134’ on your numeric keypad. Once you release the ‘Alt’ key, the dagger symbol will appear.


Mac users can insert the dagger symbol by holding the ‘Option’ key and pressing the ‘t’ key.


The Unicode code point for the dagger symbol is U+2020. This code can be used in HTML or other coding environments to insert the symbol into your text.


The dagger symbol has a long and fascinating history, with various uses that continue to make it an essential part of written communication. Whether annotating a text, designing a layout, or working on a mathematical equation, this universal symbol is in your toolkit. You can easily incorporate the dagger symbol into your work by familiarizing yourself with the different alt codes and usage scenarios.