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Writing Symbol Emoji

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A hand Writing with a pen or pencil. Though Microsoft’s design has a red cell, it is most frequently seen holding either a blue or a black pen. All other platforms show a right hand, whereas LG’s design shows a left hand. It is usually used to refer to Writing generally.

We arrange our thoughts and make writing simpler to understand by using a variety of symbols and characters in addition to words. These symbols fall mostly into two categories: punctuation marks and typographical symbols. These symbols range from the simple period (.) to the seldom-used caret character (^) and are used for various purposes. There could even be a few symbols on your keyboard that, when you see them, make you wonder what they mean because you’ve never heard of them before.

Writing Emojis 2024:


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All Emojis That Can Be Used For Writing:

✏️, ✒️, 🖋️, 🖊️, 🖌️, 🖍️, 📝, 📚, 📖, 📝, ✍, ✎, ✏, ✐, ✑, ✒

How To Use These Emojis:

Copy and paste the writing emojis in just one click. Just click on the writing emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Typing Signs and Writing Symbols

Exclamation point, question mark, and period

These three symbols for punctuation are frequently used to conclude individual thoughts.

Period (.)

A declarative statement is concluded with a period. When a sentence ends with a period, it is complete. For example, It’s Friday today.

Periods are distinctive to them and are frequently employed in abbreviations. Prof. Dumbledore once more gave Gryffindor an absurd number of points.

A question mark (?)

A question usually referred to as an interrogative phrase, is concluded with a question mark. Example: Do you feel fortunate?

The exclamation mark (!)

The exclamation point is used to punctuate interjections and exclamations. Our home is possessed!


Colon, semicolon, and comma

Conjoining sentences can do with commas, colons, or semicolons.

The comma (,)

The punctuation mark that causes authors the most trouble is frequently the comma. It has a wide range of situations and frequently employs sound grammar to good advantage.

Typographical symbols

A character or symbol that is not considered to be a punctuation mark but may be used in writing for a variety of purposes is referred to as a typographical symbol, or any of a number of other designations that may be used instead.

In most cases, typographical symbols are avoided in formal Writing. However, typographic symbols are frequently utilized in casual Writing. In legal Writing, typographic symbols are rarely used. In informal Writing, you are considerably more likely to encounter them being utilized for various purposes.

Asterisk (*)

In formal writing, usually academic and scientific writing, an asterisk indicates a footnote. According to the Ice Cream Data Center poll, chocolate is the most famous ice cream flavor.*

The asterisk can also be used to suppress offensive language or to point the reader toward a clarification.

Ampersand (&)

The word and is replaced with the ampersand. The use of the ampersand in professional writing is generally discouraged, except when something is formally designated.

Rock & Roll Hall

The pound sign (#)

The pound sign is used in informal language to denote numbers or as a hashtag on social media.


At symbol @

In casual Writing, the at sign serves as a placeholder for the word at. When writing email addresses in official Writing, it is utilized.

He may be reached at [email protected].

Writing Symbols Copy and Paste.

Write symbols are text symbols or write emoji text that is used for copying and pasting in desktop, online, and mobile apps. Writing symbols text can be written by the following on the keyboard

  • Hold down the ALT key while entering the alt key code 9997 to write the Writing Hand symbol (✍) on a keyboard using the ALT code: ALT+9997. Use your keyboard’s numeric keypad to enter numbers. Press the Fn and ALT keys simultaneously while inputting the alt code number if you don’t have a numeric keypad.
  • Hold the ALT key while entering the alt key code 9998 to write the Lower Right Pencil symbol on the keyboard using ALT codes; ALT+9998. It would be best if you utilized your keyboard’s numeric keypad. If you don’t have a numeric keypad, press the Fn and ALT keys simultaneously while inputting the alt code number.

Pencil Text Symbol

Simply hold down the ALT key while entering the alt key code 9999 to draw the pencil symbol on a keyboard using the ALT codes: ALT+9999. Use your keyboard’s numeric keypad to enter numbers. You will have to hold down both the Fn and the ALT keys while inputting the alt code number if you don’t have a numeric keypad.