Worm Emoji 【Symbol, Copy and Paste】

Worm Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🐛

Some people find worms cute, and others find them straight-up disgusting. Either way, they’re a natural part of our habitat contributing to the ecosystem. Additionally, believe it or not, worms have myths surrounding them as well, giving them a symbolic meaning other than the traditional meaning. Apart from this, we’ve heard of the common term, “bookwork.” Hence, there are lots of diverse meanings attached to a worm. 

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What are these meanings, and when can we use them? What does the worm emoji look like everywhere? Keep reading to find out!   

Worm Emoji 2023:


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All Emojis That Can Be Used For Worm:

🐛, 🐝, 🪱, 🐜, 🕷, 🪳, 🦗, 🪰

How To Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the worm symbol in just one click. Just click on the worm symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Worms and Their Cartoon-y Features 

No doubt, in real life, the squiggly and wet nature of worms can make you gag. However, the emoji is actually a cute worm emoji in pink or brown, depending on the device or app. What especially makes the emoji cute are the worm’s eyes and its innocent smile. Other than that, the emoji has a rod-like structure with twists and turns to represent a worm. All in all, the smile, eyes, and color make the emoji very cartoony and fun to use. 

The worm does differ from one platform to another, ensuring that each device or application has personalization. Apple’s worm is more on the spectrum of red, while Samsung’s is pink. Worm emoji WhatsApp and Facebook, both are brown worms which makes them slightly more realistic than other emojis of worms. 

Alternate Emojis 

To have an emoji of a worm is quite specific to the entire family of bugs and insects. Therefore, people normally just search for a bug emoji. And in fact, emojis of bugs do exist, acting as an alternative to the worm. The bug symbol is also often referred to as a caterpillar as it is a green-colored, segmented insect. Some emojis even have yellow or black spots on the body and black tentacles as added features, making them more convincing caterpillars. However, Twitter’s bug is purple, stealing the caterpillar’s charm. Nonetheless, the emoji of a bug is often used in combination with worms or as a substitute. 

What’s the Special Meaning Behind this Emoji? 

There is a literal meaning, a slang meaning, as well as philosophical significance behind this one, simple emoji. Literally, the worm is used in conversations when talking about diseases attributed to worms, or other insect-related conversations involving nature. In nature, worms help increase nutrient content in the soil aiding greenery and providing for improved drainage and soil structure. 

In the world of slang, the worm can be used in reference to a dance move, or a dishonest person who snitches behind people’s backs. Such a person would normally be the one who spills secrets and is generally unreliable. On a completely different note, a worm is a code emoji to want to hook up with someone and is commonly used in the context of women. 

Philosophically, worms are believed to form a connection between two extremes – life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness. Other areas include thinking and feeling, and sickness and renewal. They do this because they come out from the darkness when it rains to find other resources of nourishment – essentially bridging the gap to fulfill their needs, connecting the earth and water. Because earthworms are hermaphroditic, they depict a strong pillar of autonomy and choices.