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Virgo Sign Symbol 


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If you study stars, you must be familiar with the Virgo sign. It is one of the 12 zodiac signs in the world of astrology. 


The Virgo emoji represents a constellation as well. This emoji represents the people who possess the Virgo sign and illustrates astrology in general. If you came into this world between August 23 and September 22, you have Virgo as your zodiac sign. 

Virgo Sign Symbol 2023


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All Symbols that can be used for Virgo sign:

♍, ♏, ♈, ♐, 👧🏻, ✨, ☢, ♀️, 🔯, ♌, 🌌, ♊, ♎, 👬🏼, ✡️, 🕉, ♒, 🌈, 🦂, 🦀, 🐍, ♋, ⚖️, 🙋‍♀️

How To Use These Symbols:

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People mainly use this emoji in their Instagram bios and everywhere to show their star sign. They also use it during their birthday celebrations. 


There is also a Virgo sign symbol for animals. This animal is the bee. It is one of the unique signs in the zodiac. The people with Virgo signs are extraordinary observers and autonomous humans, like bees. 


You might be curious about any Virgo sign woman and man. To your surprise, famous personalities like Michael Jackson, Paul Walker, Mother Teresa, Cameron Diaz, Tim Burton, Ronaldo, and Stephen King are Virgo. 


Virgo sign symbol meaning is a maiden or virgin holding up a shaft of wheat. The virgin exemplifies the need of the Virgos to help and serve. On the other hand, wheat indicates the mastery of Virgo to segregate the wheat from the chaff. The inward  ‘M’ in the sign signifies the humbleness and contemplation of Virgo. 


Virgos appear humble, practical, and energetic. However, they are kinder, more sympathetic, and natural under the surface. Virgos spend their life in a standardized way. Quick thinkers always have so much mental energy, due to which they often remain tense and stressed.