Umbrella Symbol [Emoji, Copy and Paste]

Umbrella Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is ☂

umbrella icon protection symbol

The umbrella symbol () is more than just a cute, decorative element. It carries historical and cultural significance that can be traced back centuries. This blog post will explore the origins and meaning of the umbrella symbol, as well as provide you with the necessary alt codes to insert the symbol in your text. Dive in to learn all about the fascinating world of umbrella symbols!

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Umbrella Symbol 2024:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Umbrella:

☂, ☂️, ☔, ☔︎︎, ⛱, 🌂, ⛱️, 🏖️, 🌧️, 🌌

How to Use Umbrella Symbols?

Effortlessly copy and paste the Umbrella symbol with a single click. Simply click on the Umbrella symbol copy button adjacent to it and insert it wherever it is desired.

What is Origin of The Umbrella Symbol ()?

The Umbrella has been an essential tool for humankind since ancient times. Its history goes back to the ancient Egypt, where this symbol was generally used to shield nobility from the harsh sun. It later evolved into a symbol of power and authority, appearing in the hands of gods and goddesses in various mythologies. In other cultures, the Umbrella is associated with protection, shelter, and fertility.

What Does Umbrella () Symbolize Across Different Cultures?

In different cultures, the Umbrella symbolizes various concepts, some of which include:

  • Protection and Shelter: The Umbrella’s primary function as a protective tool against the elements led to its association with safety, shelter, and security.
  • Authority and Status: As a symbol of power in ancient Egypt, the Umbrella still represents authority and status in some societies today.
  • Fertility and Abundance: In some cultures, the Umbrella represents fertility, abundance, and growth due to its protective nature, making it a famous symbol for weddings and other celebrations.

What Are The Alt Codes for Umbrella Symbols?

To insert the umbrella symbol in your text using alt codes, follow these simple steps:

  • Umbrella Symbol (): To insert the umbrella symbol without raindrops, press the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard and type the code ‘9730’ using the numeric keypad. Then, release the ‘Alt’ key, and the umbrella symbol will appear.
  • Umbrella with Raindrops Symbol (): Press and hold the ‘Alt’ key while entering the code ‘9748’ on the numeric keypad to input the umbrella symbol with raindrops. Let go of the ‘Alt’ key, and the umbrella with raindrops symbol will appear. 


The umbrella symbol has a rich history, with its meaning evolving across time and cultures. From its origins in ancient Egypt to its widespread use, it has become a symbol of protection, authority, and fertility. With the knowledge of its fascinating background and the necessary alt codes, you can now incorporate the umbrella symbol into your text, artwork, or design projects. Let this universal symbol inspire you and add a touch of meaning to your creative endeavors!