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If you live in an extremely sunny climate, then you probably don’t just associate an umbrella with rain, but also with sunlight. The fact that umbrellas can give you coverage from just about everything makes them convenient and versatile. Nowadays, umbrellas are foldable and can be folded up into smaller versions. Such progression makes them easy to use and carry, unlike the ones used previously which were as long as walking sticks. Nevertheless, umbrellas have always proven to be useful and will continue to do so. The umbrella emoji is a perfect depiction of a real-life umbrella. 

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Umbrella Emoji 2024:


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How to Use These Emojis? 

Copy and paste the umbrella emoji in just one click. Just click on the umbrella emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Emoji’s Visual Description

Much like an actual umbrella, the emoji of the umbrella is a dry umbrella that is also opened. In addition to that, the emoji also comes with a hooked handle and is made with purple material. 

However, there is an emoji of an umbrella which is subjective to the rainy weather. Such an umbrella has raindrops. Another similar emoji is of a closed umbrella instead. 

While all platforms including Facebook, Samsung, Apple, and Twitter have purple umbrellas, perhaps of varying shades, WhatsApp alone has a completely different color, green. On top of that, all emojis hooked handle is towards the left, but WhatsApp is towards the right making it different from all others. 

Nonetheless, there were times when the color of the umbrella was not the same across all boards (excluding WhatsApp). Google was known for its blue umbrella, whereas Samsung and Microsoft were known for their red umbrella emoji. 

There is an umbrella emoji black and white ready to be copy-pasted too. 

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What is the Umbrella Emoji Meaning? 

Given the obvious based on real-life situations, the emoji is used in the context of rainy weather. Some may even use it in the context of bright, sunny light. Because the rain often brings sadness and a gloomy mood amongst many people, an umbrella could also just mean that somebody is merely sad. Furthermore, as an umbrella provides shade from natural elements, its use can be made figuratively as well when “throwing shade” at someone. 

Emoji on Windows and Mac

The emoji of an umbrella is readily available on all computer operating systems just like it is on all phones and platforms. It can be found in the emoji keyboard of Windows and Mac. 

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On Windows, pressing the Windows logo key, along with the period key allows for the emoji keyboard to appear. On Mac, pressing the command + control + space bar allows for that. Once the keyboard appears, just search “umbrella” or scroll through. 

The emoji’s codepoints are U+2602 and U+FE0F.