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The Tired emoji & text is a smiley that appears emotionally or physically drained, irritated, weary, or tired (the last definition applies mostly to Samsung’s rendition of the emoji). Eyes that are downcast 👀 and an open mouth 👄 that expresses sadness 😔 characterize it almost universally. It is usually used to indicate that the person saying it is weary of doing something, bored of what is going on around them, or tired of someone, something, or anything else. This phrase is most often used. It may also mean the user cannot wait any longer. ‎

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WhatsApp Tired Emoji

WhatsApp is a messaging application that also has a phone call function. The messenger is obtainable for use on KaiOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems; in addition, a web-based version of the app is compatible with Windows and macOS.

  • The emoji for a tired face looks like 😫 when it’s used in WhatsApp version It is possible that it will seem different on other platforms. The version was made available for download on April 19, 2024.
  • This is the 😫WhatsApp representation of the tired face emoji. It might look different on various devices. Version was made available on the 25th of November, 2021.
  • The emoji for a tired face looks like 😫when it’s used in WhatsApp version It is possible that it will seem different on other platforms. On August 18, 2021, version was made available.

Combinations With The Tired Face Emoji

Combinations are nothing more than a group of emoji’s that have been put next to one another, like this: ⚒😫🛠- Tired of working so hard. You may create riddles or messages that do not contain any words by using combinations.

Tired Symbol Texting

A yellow face with squinted, X-shaped eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and a large, open scowl, as if yawning or moaning due to tiredness or annoyance, respectively. Typically performed with the upper teeth and occasionally the tongue.

Although it is intended to suggest exhaustion, it also frequently expresses varying degrees and tones of irritation and despair as well as joy and affection. This is because the expression sounds as though it just cannot deal with how wonderful someone or something is.

This expression looks and has the same meaning as “Weary Face,” except it has screwed up eyes instead. Not to be mistaken with the expressions “Sleepy Face” or “Sleeping Face,” which typically convey the idea that the person is genuinely sleeping.

The original design of Samsung contained three blue lines running vertically over its forehead. This design element, which in manga and anime can represent exhaustion, was removed. A prior design by Microsoft was extremely sleepy. In 2010, the Tired Face emoji was accepted for inclusion in Unicode 6.0, and it was included to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.