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Straight Line Symbol

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Meaning: Straight line symbols have different meanings depending on their type. Many are used in mathematical equations, while the rest are used for aesthetics or different purposes. 

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Line Symbol In Math

Line Symbols in mathematics are prevalent. Some are vertical, while others are horizontal. They are used for different purposes. 


The straight vertical line symbol in maths means “such that.” It is also used for “It is true that.” Many mathematical equations are incomplete without line symbols. 


The curved line symbol in mathematics means “approx.”


There are many other line symbols used in mathematics. 


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Vertical Line Symbol On Keyboard | 

The line symbols present on the keyboard are used frequently by people. They are not limited to mathematical equations. They are used in infographics, YouTube video titles, and texts now and then. This slash symbol is very famous for its aesthetic outlook. 


Horizontal Line emoji (➖) and symbols (-) are used as hyphens. They add a pause in texts without breaking them. The ➖ emoji is also used as a subtraction sign. The underscore symbol _ is used to separate two words (mainly in Instagram usernames.)


Aesthetic Purpose: The most common use of straight-line symbols is by aesthetes. They live using aesthetic symbols in their texts. The line symbols are the best way to do so. 


For example, many people use hyphen symbols instead of commas. It makes their texts look not only different but aesthetic as well. 


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