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The title Red Baron was given to Manfred von Richthofen who was a German fighter pilot and was the toughest amongst all in World War I. During the period of 1916 and 1918, the Prussian nobleman shot down 80 Allied planes and gained worldwide praise for his bright red-colored planes and ruthlessly successful flying technique.

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The Red Baron Meaning

The Red Baron was a World War I German flying hero who earned the title after painting his plane a vivid red color. He gained permission from his unit commander to paint his jet all over to assist the soldiers below to recognize it. While he was frequently eager for the killing that he knew would be required to bring his enemies down, his willingness to lay a brick on the grave of an Allied soldier who died at his hands indicates a more humanitarian side. It was often missed under the horrors of total war.

The Red Baron Symbol

The Iron Cross is a well-known German military award from the nineteenth century. It is known as the Red Baron Symbol. The Nazi administration in Germany overlaid a symbol on the customary award during the 1930s, converting it into a Nazi emblem. The award was removed after WWII, but neo-Nazis and other supremacists afterward started considering it as symbol for hate. Since then, it has been widely used for this purpose. The iron cross was used as a marker on military vehicles by the Germans, and it is still used today. 

However, in the United States, the Red baron Symbol became one of numerous Nazi-era insignia adopted by outlaw motorcyclists, which represented revolt or shock more than any white supremacist philosophy. From the early 2000s, this alternative use of the Red Baron sign had gone beyond motorcyclists to skateboarders and many other sports aficionados. It had become part of the logo of numerous different firms providing equipment and clothes for this market.