Rainbow Symbol【Meaning, Emoji, Copy and Paste】

Symbol of Rainbow For You To Copy and Paste is 🌈

rainbow emoji copy and paste

What comes to your mind when you think of a rainbow? Does your mind automatically go to LGBTQ+ and pride? Or do you still recall the rainbow as something colorful that sprouted after rain? When you think of the rainbow, what do you feel? Happiness and relief? Well, to know if what you feel and know is in accordance with what these symbols actually mean, keep reading to find out!

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This article will enlighten you on the meaning of the rainbow symbol in general, and go on to tell you different variations of it. In the end, you can always rainbow emoji copy and paste from here.

Rainbow Symbol 2024:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Rainbow:

🌈, 🏳️‍🌈

How to use these symbols?

Copy and paste the rainbow symbol in just one click. Just click on the rainbow symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

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Variations of the rainbow emoji

The emoji in itself is an actual curved arc with six colors – all coming together to form a rainbow that you and I have always studied about. The symbol looks the same on all platforms including Google, Apple, Samsung, Twitter, etc. However, the one on WhatsApp only has a slight addition of a cloud. Other than that, all look similar.

While the classic emoji of the rainbow is pretty much the same everywhere, different forms of rainbow exist too. That is to say, within the symbol of a rainbow, there is a collection of other emojis falling in it. There’s a flag, black and white, face, and heart emoji, all having elements of a rainbow in it.

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Rainbow flag emoji

The emoji is precisely what the name describes it to be. It is indeed a flag that has rainbow colors in rows on it. Therefore, it is a flag of a rainbow. The significance of this flag is that it is a representation of the LGBTQ+ community, where the flag is paraded at pride events. It is more commonly known as the “pride flag.” No matter where you’re on, the emoji looks the same.

Rainbow emoji black and white

Now, you must be thinking what the point is of a black-and-white rainbow? Isn’t it ironic that this emoji goes against the actual concept of a rainbow – the VIBGYOR colors? But, in all honesty, this symbol has no actual meaning. It means just the same as any other emoji of a rainbow. It all comes down to personal preference – if you like the black-and-white emoji more, you could use that instead. It won’t mean anything different, it’ll just be a reflection of your choices.

Rainbow emoji face

There are emojis for literally everything now – who thought a facial expression could mean so much? Similarly, there is also an emoji with a rainbow face – essentially a normal facial emoji, but instead of the yellow color, it is colored with rainbow colors. Again, it has just as much significance as any other symbol being used for a rainbow. In the end, it all comes down to what you want to use and, “this, not that.”

Rainbow heart emoji

Like all its counterpart variations, this too is a simple heart, just with rainbow colors in it. Its meaning is the same as all others – happiness, love, pride, and positivity. To exude more deeply and intensely all those emotions, instead of the regular rainbow, you could swap that with a heart. A heart makes things all sweeter.

But wait, what is the meaning of the rainbow emoji?

After all this talk of the emoji, it’s high time we talk about what it truly means. Just like the rainbow shines after a gloomy sky full of rain, the rainbow thus, signifies hope and light at the end of the tunnel. It is a symbol of positivity lying ahead and goodness waiting to take over. With its positivity, it aims to spread happiness, love, and joy.

Much of its association with hope and goodness arrives from a myth about the pot of gold Leprechauns once owned. The myth has it that leprechauns were not a big fan of humans. Hence, when they found a pot of gold, they buried it deep into the ground so humans could never discover such a treasure. It is said that the pot is where the rainbow meets the earth. Therefore, the rainbow symbolizes something so beautiful, yet so far away. It is the belief that where the rainbow is, is where the fortune is for us. The rainbow comes with attraction and finding something you’ve longed for.

Because the rainbow portrays liveliness, its meaning includes inclusivity and love for all, regardless of what their beliefs are. Therefore, secondary to all, the emoji is also used as a representation of the LGBTQ+ community. It is a portrayal of acceptance of people’s sexual preferences apart from the long-lasting – heterosexual orientation.

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Can you get these emojis on your Mac and Windows?

Yes, you can!

To get these emojis on Mac, place your cursor where you’d like the emoji to pop on. Then press command + control + spacebar. This will result in the keyboard emoji appearing, from where you can look for your emojis.

In the same manner, you can follow a similar procedure on Windows, just with a little change in the keys. The keys used on Windows are the Windows Logo Key and Period.