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Symbol of Pi For You To Copy and Paste is π

In simple words, pi, which is represented as the Greek letter for p, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. This proportion will still be equal to pi regardless of the size of the circle. Pi has a decimal value of about 3.14. However, pi is an irrational number, which means that its decimal version does not terminate or become repetitious. As a result, having a shortcut for this circumference to diameter ratio is useful. According to Petr Beckmann’s “A History of Pi”, William Jones initially used the pi symbol or this Greek letter for this purpose in 1706, perhaps as an abbreviation of the perimeter, and it became conventional mathematical notation around 30 years later.

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It is frequently used in physics and engineering formulae to explain periodic phenomena like pendulum motion, string vibration, and alternating electric currents. Pi is most often used in circle-related computations. Pi does not only connect circumference and diameter. It also ties the diameter or radius of a circle to its area using the formula: “the area is equal to pi times the radius squared”. Furthermore, pi appears frequently and surprisingly in many statistical situations.

Pi Symbol And Its History

The significance of the pi has been known for at least 4,000 years. According to A History of Pi, by 2000 B.C., “the Babylonians and Egyptians were mindful of the significance of the constant, realising that every circle had the same circumference to diameter ratio. The Babylonians and Egyptians had basic numerical estimates of the value of pi, which subsequent mathematicians in ancient Greece, notably Archimedes, worked on. Around 500 digits of pi were known by the beginning of the 20th century. We currently have more than the first six billion digits of pi, due to improvements in computing made possible by computers.

Pi Symbol 2023


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All Symbols that can be used for pi:

π, 𝛑, ℼ, Π,π,𝜫,𝝅,𝝥,𝝿,𝞟,𝞹,П,п,∏,ϖ,∐,ℼ,ㄇ,兀, 🥧

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the pi symbol in just one click. Just click on the pi symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

How to Insert A Pi Symbol in Word 

Pi (π) appears frequently in mathematics. Because it is so closely related to circles, it exists in almost anything proven to affect the area or volume of circles and spheres, also for measuring angles in radians. You may have to understand how to type the pi symbol in Word if you’re using the Office suite to write any maths formula. The good part is, that it is simple to do using the Symbols or Equation dialogues or pi symbol alt code. 

1. Use the Symbol Dialogue Box

The “Symbol” section of Word’s top ribbon may be used to put a pi symbol into a Word document. Navigate to the “Insert” area and search for the “Symbols” category on the right. You can complete your work by using either the “Equation” or “Symbol” sections, but unless you’re writing down a whole equation, the “Symbol” option is preferable.

Then, at the bottom of the drop-down menu, select “More Symbols.” The window that appears has every symbol in Word’s collection, so choose “Greek and Coptic” from the drop-down option under “Subset.” From here, visually search for “π” or the capital variant “Π” if necessary. Highlight the sign and then click “Insert” to insert it at the cursor point in your document.
The “Equation” option differs somewhat in that the symbol is placed in an equation field on your page rather than as plain text. Go to “Equation” or press “Alt” and “=” simultaneously. Click the “More” arrow and then “Basic Maths” at the top of the “Symbols” category on the ribbon. To add it, go to “Greek Letters” and pick either the upper or lower case pi.

2. Use the Copy and Paste Method

Copying and pasting the pi sign from text is the simplest way to insert it in Word. Pi (π) and capital pi (Π) are shown here. Highlight the text, then right-click it and select “Copy” from the menu that appears or press “Ctrl” + “C” simultaneously. Navigate to the place where you want the pi symbol to appear, then right-click and choose “Paste” or press “Ctrl” + “V”.

This method offers advantages, but the disadvantage is that you must find the character someplace else every time you need to write in the future. Both of the preceding methods are significantly easier to replicate.

3. Use the Alt Codes 

An alt code is the closest thing to a pi symbol keyboard shortcut. To apply this method, you must have a number pad on your keyboard. Make sure the num lock is turned on. Then, on your keyboard, hold down “Alt,” input the code “227”, and then release “Alt” to generate the sign. In the same way, use the code “928” for uppercase pi.

This alt code method is more complex to implement than the previous method, but it may be used in other applications, including web browsers. You may use the same method using the “Symbols” window to enter this symbol in Excel or any other Office programme.

4. Use the Character Map

  • Open the Character Map programme by typing charmap into the Windows Search box.
  • Select “Unicode Subrange” from the “Group by” menu. Select “Greek” from the pop-up menu that opens.
  • You can now view all of the Greek letters and click on the Greek little letter Pi symbol.
  • To copy the symbol to your clipboard, click the “Select” button and then “Copy.”The copied symbol can be pasted into any application.


How To Add Pi Sign in Mac

  • Keep the “Option” key pressed on your keyboard.
  • While still holding the option key, press the letter “P.
  • When you release both keys simultaneously, the Pi sign will show in your text or programme.

Regardless of the application or font you’re using, the Pi sign will show instead of the “P.” It’s a little more difficult on the iPhone and iPad. To begin, go to the Settings app, then General, and finally Keyboard. Then select Keyboards, Add New Keyboard, and “Greek”. While typing, click the globe symbol in the bottom left corner until you see the Greek keyboard, then press the letter P. Return to the English keyboard by tapping the Globe icon again.

Unicodes for Pi Sign

  • U+03A0 Π Greek Capital Letter Pi 
  • U+03C0 π Greek Small Letter Pi  
  • U+03D6 ϖ Greek Pi Symbol
  • U+220F ∏ N-Ary Product 
  • U+1D28 ᴨ Greek Letter Small Capital Pi
  • U+1D70B 𝜋 Mathematical Italic Small Pi
  • U+1D6D1 𝛑 Mathematical Bold Small Pi