Parrot Emoji [Symbol, Copy and Paste]

Parrot Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🦜

Parrots are not any ordinary bird; they are quite fascinating due to their ability to imitate, remember your speech, and talk. Parrots can pick up on others’ words and repeat them. Besides just the green parrots, there are many other species of parrots, including macaws, hooded parrots, and African grey parrots. A fun fact is that African grey parrots are the best imitators and talkers in the family of parrots. So, is the parrot emoji of the best talker, or is it another? 

Parrot Emoji 2023:


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Copy and paste the parrot emojis in just one click. Just click on the parrot emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Description of the Emoji 

 All species of parrots have bright and vibrant colors. Even the African grey parrots have a hint of stark red on their feathers. Nonetheless, the emoji is inspired by the classic and most popular green parrot, which resembles a love bird, on almost all platforms. In all cases, the parrot is facing towards the left and most always perched. 

Parrot emoji WhatsApp, Apple, Samsung, and Twitter make use of the green bird with a yellow orangish head and tips of the wings. Twitter’s emoji even has a ring of darker green around the neck of the bird. 

However, some platforms have taken another turn. Microsoft and Skype have featured the scarlet macaw which is a red parrot, with green and blue feathers on its wings. 

Facebook stands alone with its description of the emoji of a parrot. Their parrot has an overall body of orange feathers, but the tips of the wings have green and varying shades of blue. 

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Parrot Emoji Meaning 

All thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean, and other such movies related to pirates, parrots are often associated with them, especially the blue macaws. For this reason, a parrot emoji could be used in reference to pirates, or other such evil characters considering Iago from Aladdin too. 

The emoji could also be used for someone chatty. It can also be to substitute for the term “party parrot,” which describes someone who imitates lines from popular TV shows and movies.

Nevertheless, it’s also perfectly fine to use the emoji for what it is – a parrot, or for talking about tropical birds since parrots are normally found in tropical rainforests. 

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Emoji of Parrot on Computers

Phones have a world of emojis but so do computers, be it Windows or Mac. From that world, you can easily select the emoji of a parrot. 

On Windows, press the Windows logo and period key. On Mac, press command, control, and space bar. Through this, you’ll get the emoji keyboard to search for a parrot. 

Its codepoints are  U+1F99C.