Parallel Line Symbol [Meaning, Copy & Paste]

Parallel Line Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is ‖

The parallel line symbol is commonly used in mathematics and geometry to indicate that two lines are parallel exploring various aspects of the parallel line symbol, including its meaning, usage, Alt codes, and copying and pasting methods.

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Parallel Line Symbol 2024:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Parallel Line:

∥, ‖, ∦, (∥), //, ||, \\

How to Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the Parallel Line symbol in just one click. Just click on the Parallel Line symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere

What Does the Parallel Line Symbol Represent?

The parallel line symbol, denoted by the “” character, indicates that two lines are parallel, meaning they never intersect and maintain a constant distance. It is frequently used in mathematical and geometrical contexts.

How Can I Use Alt Codes to Type the Parallel Line Symbol?

Users can take advantage of Alt codes that is a more convenient way to type special characters and symbols using their keyboard. Here are some standard Alt codes you can use to type the parallel line symbol:

  1. Unicode code: U+2225
  2. HTML code:
  3. CSS code: \2225

Using these codes, you can insert the parallel line symbol into your text, whether working on a document or creating a website.

What Are the Methods to Copy and Paste the Parallel Line Symbol?

There are different other ways to copy and paste the parallel line symbol. Some of them are discussed below:

Using Your Mouse:

  • User would locate the parallel line symbol on online website or in a document.
  • The mouse is used to click and drag to highlight the symbol.‎
  • Right-click on the parallel line symbol and choose “Copy” from the menu.‎
  • Now the user should move cursor to where he/she want to insert the symbol, right-click, and select “Paste.”‎


Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Locate the parallel line symbol online or in a document.
  • Click on the symbol to highlight it.
  • Press “Ctrl+C” (or “Cmd+C” on a Mac) to copy the symbol.
  • Navigate to where you want to insert the symbol and press “Ctrl+V” (or “Cmd+V” on a Mac) to paste it.


The parallel line symbol is essential in mathematics and geometry, representing the relationship between parallel lines. With the information provided in this guide, you now better understand the parallel line symbol, its meaning, how to use Alt codes for typing, and how to copy and paste it. Feel confident using the parallel line symbol in your mathematical discussions and documents!