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The moon symbol represents femininity and represents the rhythm of time by embodying the cycle. The moon phases represent longevity and eternity, enlightenment, or the dark aspect of nature herself. Because it regulates the tides, rains, waterways, and seasons, it may reflect inner knowledge or the stages of man’s state on Earth. It is the transition zone between the brightness of the sun and the blackness of night, it frequently depicts the world of the aware and the unconscious. The moon is a symbol of the soul in astrology, and its position in the horoscope affects the subject’s aptitude for reflection and adaptation.

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Moon Symbol 2024


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All Symbols that can be used for Moon:

☾, 🌙, ☾☼, ☪, 🌑, 🌕, ☽︎, 🌒, 🌖, 🪐, 🌙, 🌜, 🌝, 🌓, ⭐, ☀️, ପ꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ଓ 🌸🤍, ☪️, 🌙✨✨⭐🌟, 🌠

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the Moon symbol in just one click. Just click on the Moon symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.


Moon Icon In Different Phases

The moon’s phases represent immortality and eternity, wisdom or the evil side of Nature herself. Because of its circular shape, it also has the symbolism of a steady circle which is eternal, and life-giving. It is frequently associated with feminine aspects due to its cycle of regeneration and regular phases.

These include nurturing openness and life cycles. It also regulates the tides, rains, waterways, and seasons, and hence it mirrors inner knowledge or the stages of man’s state on Earth.

The New Moon

Because the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun, it cannot be seen from Earth. This moon phase represents new beginnings.

Crescent Moon in Wax

‘Waxing’ indicates that the Moon’s light is increasing, while ‘Crescent’ indicates that less than half of the Moon is illuminated. This moon phase represents purpose.

Third Quarter Moon

The Moon is lighted in half and shaded in the other. This lunar cycle represents choices.

Waxing Gibbous Moon.

‘Waxing’ indicates that the Moon’s light is increasing, while ‘Gibbous’ indicates that more than half of the Moon is illuminated. This phase represents refining.

The Full Moon

The entire moon is illuminated by the Sun. This moon cycle represents an intention to release and seal.

Wanning Gibbous Moon

‘Waning’ refers to the Moon’s light diminishing, while ‘Gibbous’ denotes that more than half of the Moon is illuminated. This moon phase represents appreciation.

How To Insert Crescent Moon Symbol In Your Texts?

The keyboard has multiple dual-purpose keys for both Windows and Mac. That is, symbols are commonly accessible as additional buttons. You may quickly include symbols into your writing by pushing two or more keys together. Other symbols, however, are not written as second keys on the keyboard. This makes typing tough. This is one of these symbols (☽).

This tutorial will teach you how to easily enter or put the moon symbol (☽) anywhere in your texts. 

1.Use Symbol Dialogue Box

  • Navigate to the Insert tab.
  • Click the Symbol button on the Insert tab and select More Symbols.
  • Type Segoe UI Symbol in the Font drop-down list under the Symbols tab. This will bring up all Segoe UI Symbol messages, including the Crescent Moon icon.
  • After selecting the symbol, press the Insert button.
  • However, double-clicking on the symbol will insert it into your document as well.
  • Select the Close button.

2.Use Moon Symbol Alt Code for Windows

  • To use the numeric keypad, press the num lock key. On computers without a numeric keypad, press Fn + NumLock to enable Num Lock.
  • Hold down the Alt key and enter 9789 into the numeric keypad.
  • Release the [Alt] key you held after inputting the Alt code which is 9789.

3.Use Moon Symbol Shortcut for Word

In Microsoft Word, the Crescent Moon Symbol text shortcut is 263D, Alt+X. This shortcut is only available in Microsoft Word and on Windows.

Follow the steps below to use this shortcut:

  • Move the pointer to the proper location.
  • Enter 263D into your keyboard and then hit Alt + X. 
  • This will transform the code (263D) into the crescent moon emoticon where the insertion pointer is placed.

Different Moon Emoticon And Its Meaning

🌚 or 🌝 is a new moon with a happy face is considered as as the Man in the Moon. The moon is typically shown as a black or a yellow disc with a somewhat smiling human face and nose.


It might be used to depict the moon in general. However, it is used to throw shade or show disapproval or convey other ironic feelings, and is widely considered as creepy. Apple and WhatsApp are both staring to the left, as if giving the side-eye. Faces from Samsung and Facebook are staring straight ahead. 

Google’s phrase is similar to Twitter’s Smirking Face Face with a Slight Smiling. Previously, Google’s face resembled Lenny Face, Microsoft’s eyes seemed closed, and Facebook’s emoticon was a plain smiling one. New Moon Face was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 after being accepted as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 as “New Moon with Face.”


Moon In Different Phases And Their Unicodes


Symbol Unicode
🌑 New moon U+1F311
🌒 Waxing Crescent U+1F312
🌔 Waxing Gibbous Moon U+1F314
🌕 Full Moon U+1F315
🌖 Waning Gibbous Moon  U+1F316