Moon Keyboard Symbol [Emoji, Copy and Paste]

Moon Keyboard Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is 🌙

What is The Moon Keyboard Symbol? 

The moon keyboard symbol represents the celestial body that orbits the Earth. It’s a famous symbol used in various contexts, from astrology to literature. There are two common moon symbols:  the full moon (🌕) & the crescent moon (🌙). These symbols can be used to convey emotions or to represent the moon’s phases.

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Moon Keyboard Symbol 2024:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Moon Keyboard:

🌙, 🌕, 🌜, 🌗, 🌒, 🌖, 🌛, 🌗, ☽, ☾, ⚪

How to Use the Moon Keyboard Symbol? 

Use the moon keyboard symbol by clicking the copy button next to it. This will instantly copy the symbol, allowing you to paste it wherever you want.

How Can I Type the Crescent Moon Symbol Using Alt Codes? 

Using Alt codes to impute this symbol is easy and quick way to type special characters on your keyboard. To type the crescent moon symbol, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Num Lock is enabled.
  2. Tap down the Alt key on the keyboard.
  3. While holding the Alt key, type the code for the crescent moon symbol using the numeric keypad.

For Windows Users:

  • Alt + 9789 () for the first quarter moon
  • Alt + 9790 () for the last quarter moon

For Mac Users:

  • Option + 263D () for the first quarter moon
  • Option + 263E () for the last quarter moon

Note: Alt codes may not work on some laptop keyboards without a dedicated numeric keypad.

How Can I Type the Full Moon Symbol Using Alt Codes? 

To type the complete moon symbol, follow the same steps as for the crescent moon, but use the codes below:

For Windows Users:

  • Alt + 11046 () for the full moon

For Mac Users:

  • Option + 26AA () for the full moon

Can I Use Emoji to Represent the Moon? 

Yes! Emojis are a fun and convenient way to express yourself with the moon symbol. Many devices and platforms support moon emojis, such as the crescent moon (🌙) and the full moon (🌕). To use these emojis, access the emoji keyboard on your device and search for the moon symbol.


The moon keyboard symbol is versatile and expressive, easily typed using alt codes or emojis. Whether you’re sharing your love for the night sky or communicating the lunar phases, the moon symbol is an excellent addition to your repertoire of special characters. Have fun experimenting with these celestial symbols and adding a touch of the cosmos to your messages!