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Symbol of Male and Female For You To Copy and Paste is ♂♀

male female symbols

A gender symbol is a pictorial representation or a character used to depict masculinity and femininity, such as in biology and medicine, genealogy, or gender politics in sociology. At times, you may have wondered where these male female symbols originated from. The male female symbol’s origin is said to have arisen ever since the creation of civilization. But, what do these gender symbols mean and what’s their origin?

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Male Female Symbols 2024


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Male Female:

⚯, ⚮, ⚭, ⚬, ㉾, ☿, ♀, ♂, 유, 웃, ⚩, ⚨, ⚧, ⚦, ⚥, ⚤, ⚣, ⚢, 👨, 👩, 👦, 🧔‍♂️, 🧍‍♂️, 👧, 🧍‍♀️

How To Use These Symbols

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Heavenly Bodies and Greek Gods

The traditional male female symbols cram a lot of information into a few lines and a circle, representing two planets, iron, copper, and several Olympian gods. According to ancient astrology, the motions of stars and planets controlled all life on this planet, from seasonal changes to an individual’s fate. The Babylonians named celestial objects after their gods in their system. They associated Venus, for example, with Ishtar, a fertility goddess, and Mars with Nergal, a battle deity.

The Greeks imitated the Babylonians, especially alchemists and metallurgists, who connected gods with certain metals in their craft’s sacred ceremonies. Each celestial body, as well as its god, was linked with a certain metal. Like, the Sun (Helios) was associated with gold. However, in reality, the Sun is white in the human sensory spectral range and not yellow). Venus (in Greek, Phosphorus) was associated with copper, a metal that turns green. Mars (in Greek, Thouros) was connected with iron, a hard, red metal useful in making weapons.

Male Female Symbols in Biology and Medicine

The male sign in biology looks like ♂ while the female symbol in biology is ♀. In the Middle Ages, European alchemists depended on these abbreviated symbols, which survived the Enlightenment and were employed by notables such as Carolus Linnaeus. He is the inventor of modern taxonomy who developed binomial nomenclature to identify such elements in his 1735 book Systema Naturae.

Linnaeus was also the first to apply these symbols in a biological context in his thesis Plantae hybridae (1751), where he used the Venus symbol to designate a female parent and the Mars symbol to denote a male father of a hybrid plant.

Male Female Symbols in Genealogy

The study of family ancestry is known as genealogy. The term genealogy is derived from two Greek terms, one of which means “race”  and the other one means “theory”. Linnaeus’ symbols moved quickly into the fields of zoology and genetics, and then into popular culture as sex symbols.

The male female symbols in genealogy are quite different from that in biology. Kinship charts comprise a triangle △ for a male sign and a circle ○ for a female sign. In scientific studies, pedigree charts follow an earlier anthropological norm of a square for males □ and a circle for females. These shapes appear to trace back, to Pliny Earle, in 1845 for a study of the heredity of color blindness at the New York Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane. Earle had to utilize ovals and rectangles for his charts, reportedly because his printer only had musical notation.

Nowadays, these signs and symbols vary according to country. For example, some public toilets may use modern images to denote the genders. While others still use biological symbols.

How to Put Male Female Symbols in Word?

Just like any other symbol, there will be a time when you need to use the male and female symbol images. Here is how can use these signs in your documents:

By using the Alt Code

In Windows:

Even though there is no special key on the keypad for the Gender Symbol, you may still input it using the Alt code approach. All you need to do is, press the Alt key while using the numeric keypad to enter the gender sign i.e Alt+11 for male and Alt+12 for female.

This approach will not work unless you have a device with a numeric keypad. On certain computers, a secret numeric keypad may be accessible by pressing Fn+NmLk on the keyboard.

In Mac:

First, position the insertion cursor where you want to type the symbol. Now, for a male sign, hit “Option + 2642”, and for a female sign, press “Option + 2640”.

By Using Character Map

Once you click on the Start button you can search for the character map. The dialogue box for the character map will pop up, scroll over “advanced view” and search for the male female symbols.

After you double-click the symbol, it should show in the Character to copy: area. Click the Copy button to get the symbol in the desired destinationl. To paste, open your Microsoft Word or Excel document, position the insertion pointer where you want it, and hit Ctrl+V.

By using the Symbol Dialogue Box

The symbol dialogue box is a symbol library from which you may insert any sign into your Word document with a few clicks of a mouse.

In the word document, place the pointer where you want to insert the symbol. Click to select the Insert tab. From the Symbol drop-down, hover on “More symbols” and then choose Times New Roman font. Then, in the character code field at the bottom of the window, enter 2642 for the male sign or 2640 for the female sign. Whatever sign you choose, will appear after entering this character code.