Mail Symbol 【Meaning, Copy and Paste】

Symbol of Mail For You To Copy and Paste is @.

Mail Symbol

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The mail symbol is easy to use. Mail symbol copy and paste from here: @


Meaning: “@” is a symbol used before your email address. It is present in every Gmail address. 


Alternative: The alternative to “@” is E. However, E cannot be used in Gmail address. It can only be used in texts to refer to an email. 


Email Emoji: You can find email Emoji in the emoji bar easily. Use it in your resume, CV and texts to refer to an email address. You can also use this emoji as a short form for “email address.” 

Mail Symbol 2023


Copy & Paste


All Symbols that can be used for Mail:

@, ✉, 📬, 💌, 📩, 📧, ✉️,📨,📫,📮,📥,📢,📞, 🕊️, 📄,✍,🗒,📋,📝,☎️,💬,📁,🚚,📲,🐌,🤳,📎,🖨,📠,🖥️,🧑🏼‍💻,💾,📳,🕵,👩‍💻

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the Mail symbol in just one click. Just click on the Mail symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.


Use of Gmail Symbol

The Gmail Symbol is widely used today. It is used to the extent that it is present in every keyboard today. You can see the symbol in your own Gmail address as well. 


Importance Of Email Symbol

The email symbol is essential since one cannot log into an email ID without using it before the Gmail address. 


Email Symbol For Resume: You can use your Gmail address. You can add a small email symbol to your resume by clicking on the symbol icon. 


Email Symbol For Resume in Word: Click on the symbol icon and find the Gmail symbol. Click on it to insert a word. You can also copy it from this article and paste it into word. 


Email Symbol Alt Code: The alt symbol for email is: Alt + 128131


Insert Email symbol Mac by clicking it in “Show Character Palette” from Input Menu.


@ in Internet Language: The use of the email symbol as a short form for “at” is also daily. 


Example: Many people use “@ Friend’s place” instead of “at friend’s place” 


Signing Off

Email symbols are very commonly used today. Please copy and paste it to your text from our website. Use it today in your texts, CV, and resumes. You can also insert it on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media comments.