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Do you want to know what the line symbols are, or do you want to explore more about them? Do you want to know the best method of adding these symbols? If you want to increase your knowledge about the said symbol or use it in your work, your luck has helped you come to the right place for it. Today, we will answer all your queries regarding the symbol and help you add them where you need them. 

What are The Line Symbols?

In geometry, the mark or band is called a line. And all the symbols and signs that are line-shaped are known as line symbols. It is one-dimensional and often has concerns about the length of its extension, not the width. These symbols are one of the most commonly used and simplest types of symbols. They have different uses and meanings depending upon the shape and style of the line you are using. 

Line Symbol 2023


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All Symbols that can be used for line:

━, ─, │, ┃, ︳,━,╱,╲,﹋,﹌,﹏,︴,﹎,╍,┅,┉,╴,─,╹,〣,〢,〡,┆,┋,╸,☰,┇,║,╿,╽

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the line symbol in just one click. Just click on the line symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Different Types Of Line Symbols:

You may be thinking of the typical straight line formed by joining the points or dots in the same plane. But, let us tell you that this line is not the only type of option you have. There are many styles and types of lines. They are different not only in their appearance but also in their meaning of use. These lines include light, heavy, vertical, horizontal lines, triple dash, curved, border lines, etc. 

Some of their types are here below for you. 

Aesthetic Line Symbols

You can easily search these symbols, and you will find the aesthetic and appealing to use. You can use them for adornment, decoration, or presentation. They give a great look and make your simple texts look cute and classy. To add these aesthetic line symbols, you can copy and paste the ones you like anywhere you want. 

Horizontal Line Symbols

It is the line symbol parallel to the x-axis plane. These symbols mostly have their use in the division of segments, or we can use them to mark some endings. They also have their role in marking support and resisting areas in the technical analysis. You will also find horizontal lines in emojis, for instance, the emotionless, speechless emoji, etc. You can also copy and paste horizontal line symbols and use them to make pieces in your content. 

Vertical Line Symbols

It is the line symbol parallel to the y-axis plane, perpendicular to the x-axis. We use them in checking the relation if that is functional or not in maths, computing, and for such uses. 

Dotted Line Symbols

The line that is either horizontal or vertical but is made up of dots or tiny line segments with small spaces in between them is known as the dotted line symbol. Most of the time, it is used to separate some sections and for such purposes. 

Borders Line Symbols

Borders always have a great significance in the presentation of your content or any file. If you want to adorn them and give them a great look, borderline symbols are the best to use. They give a simple yet appealing look to the content and help you represent it quite well. You can choose them from the searches and use them by picking them from the sites. 

Curved Line Symbols

A bent line is known as a curved line. The curved line symbol is also known as the tilde. It is used for the indication of equivalence between some relative things. Or in other words, they have there used to show that the two relative numbers are approximately the same. 

The Purpose Of Using Line Symbols:

The lines are the most basic and essential component that has a great significance in many fields of life. Some of the purposes of using these symbols are as follows:

  • In maths, for writing various equations and such things.
  • In division and separation of things.
  • In Arts, for making different designs and formats. 
  • In Geometry, for making different shapes, all the shapes include the use of lines in one form or another. 
  • To indicate the choice between two things with the use of slash line /. 
  • To draw linear elements.
  • To show a correlation between given things by matching them. 
  • To make hierarchical orders and lineage. 
  • Etc.

How To Add Them To Your Files?

Adding these lines to your files or any work is not tricky at all. We have the best ways that you can use for this. They are as follows:

Copy and Paste 

Simply copy and paste any desired line that you want to enjoy its use where you wish. 

Use Your Keyboard

The other way is to use the keyboard and enter the components with the shift key to make lines such as:

~ ~~~~~~~~~~

_ ______________

= ==========

. ……………………

– —————

# ###########