Korean Heart Symbol [Emoji, Copy and Paste]

Korean Heart Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is 🤞🏻

Originating from Korean popular culture, the Korean heart symbol has grown in popularity and has now spread across the world, especially in the realm of social media, where it is used to show love, affection, and support. 

Korean Heart Symbol 2023:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Korean Heart:

🤞🏻, 🤞, ♡, ❣, ❣️, ♥, 🤍, ❤️, 💖

How to Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the Korean Heart Symbol in just one click. Just click on the Korean Heart symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Origin of The Korean Heart Symbol

The reason behind the popularity of the Korean heart sign is the Korean entertainment industry, particularly K-pop. People believe that it was first used by a K-pop idol named Kim Hee-chul of the group Super Junior. Previously, the Korean heart symbol was called the “finger heart”. Over time, it gained various other names, including “Korean heart,” “honor heart,” and “love heart.” With the rise of social media, the symbolism went viral and spread globally, becoming a popular emoji and symbol across various online platforms. 

What Does the Korean Heart Sign Look Like?

The Korean heart sign is formed by crossing the thumb and index finger of one hand to create a small heart shape. The remaining three fingers are then straightened upwards, making the gesture resemble a heart. Its emoji looks like this:


How to Add Korean Heart Emoji to Your Documents?

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of Korean emojis, also known as “Komojis.” This includes the Korean heart emoji as well. The simplest method to add the emoji is to copy and paste it from websites or other documents that already have it. To do this, simply highlight the symbol and press “Ctrl+C” to copy it. Then, go to your Word document, place the cursor where you want it, and press “Ctrl+V” to paste it.

The popularity of Korean emojis can be attributed to the global success of Korean pop culture, or K-pop, which has introduced Korean music, fashion, and entertainment to audiences around the world. K-pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK.