Kneeling Praying Emoji 【Copy and Paste】

Praying Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🙏

Praying mostly comes in the package for ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ for most people. In different religions, the method of prayer varies. In Islam, praying movements involve bowing down, kneeling, standing, and bending to pray to the Unseen – God. In Hinduism, people worship idols, sometimes in a kneeling position. Praying in Christianity also involves kneeling to face God. Therefore, in most religions, kneeling is a common position, and so there is an emoji for that. 

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Kneeling Praying Emoji 2024:


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All Emojis That Can Be Used For Praying:

🙏, ⛪️, 🤲 , 🙌, 📿, 🕯, 🛐, 🕌, 🕍, 💒

How to use these symbols? 

Copy and paste the kneeling praying symbol in just one click. Just click on the kneeling praying symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Significance of kneeling and its emoji

The kneeling praying emoji is not only limited to the act of praying related to faiths and religions. Rather, the acts involved in increased spirituality such as mindfulness often also include the kneeling position to focus on inner energy. Hence, the person kneeling emoji meaning is a fair representation of religiosity and spirituality both. 

The available emojis for this are of both female and male, along with skin-tone modifiers. The emoji is designed to have a person resting on their knees with their legs folded. Moreover, the person’s hands are on their lap. 

Depending on what platform this emoji is being used on, the man’s t-shirt color is green or red, whereas the women’s is purple. Either way, the complete outfit is socks, a t-shirt, and jeans. 

Place of Worship emoji

Building on the emoji of a person kneeling and praying, an emoji for a place of worship makes the most sense, no matter what religion it is. Hence, this emoji too has a person praying on their knees, rather here, the person is a stick figure drawing and not an actual person. Additionally, the drawing is in a purple box like a symbol and not the person itself. Furthermore, the person in this emoji is on their knees with their legs only bent and standing, and not the person on their knees sitting. 

Except for the emoji on Facebook, all figures on the emoji of a place of worship have an upside-down V-shaped line over their heads – depicting a roof. The emoji does not pertain to a specific religion and is multi-faith instead.