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Intersection Symbol

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In Mathematics, the Intersection is the set that contains all the common elements of the sets involved. Its symbol is “∩. ” It is written as A∩B and read as A Intersection B. And the solution set of A∩B will be the set that contains all common elements of both sets. 


Union Symbol: It is often considered the opposite of Intersection; however, it is not. It is written as A∪B and read as A Union B. The solution set contains all the elements present in both sets A and B. But similar elements are written just once. 


Union vs. Intersection Symbol

The solution set for the union of two sets contains all the elements, while the solution set for the Intersection of two sets contains only the common elements. The operations “AND” and “OR” can be used to resemble these operations. OR for the union while AND the Intersection of two sets.


Symbol For Intersection 2024


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All Symbols that can be used for Intersection:

∩, , , ∏,∐,∧,∨,∩,∪,∑,∫,∆,∄,∂,∾,∢,∡,∠,∰

How To Use These Symbols:

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Intersection Symbol LaTeX: to insert an intersection symbol in LaTeX, you have to give the command \cap and take the result.

Intersection Symbol Meaning: It is the same as we discussed above in that it means the Intersection of two sets that possess the common elements.


Complement Symbol: The difference of any given subset with the universal set is the complement set of that particular subset. 


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Intersection Symbol Example: Suppose a subset A= ( 1,2,3,4,5) and subset B=(3,4,5,6,7) the intersection set A∩B= (3,4,5).


Final Thoughts

The Intersection Symbol is not readily available on the keyboard or in the symbol section. You have to copy it from here and paste it where required.