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Hand Symbol

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Hand Symbol Meaning: it is the most widely used symbol by the people of North Africa and the Middle East. Its actual name is Hamsa which is regarded as a sign of protection.


Hand Symbol Text: The hand symbol depicts five fingers of a hand. People use this symbol in jewelry and hang its sculptures on the walls of their homes. It is also used to protect something from evil eyes.

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✋, 👍, 👋, ✍,👊,👈,👉,👆,👇,☝,☚,☛,☜,☞,☟,✌,👍,👌,💪,✊,✋,👐,👏,💅,🙌,🙋

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Hamsa Symbol: History of the Hamsa symbol revolves around the 8th century BCE. An Israelite tomb was discovered with the symbol of five fingers.


Hamsa Hand: “Hamsa” is related to the Arabic word “Khamsa,” which means five. It is related to the five fingers of a hand. But most people link it to the hand of Fatima, the daughter of the holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


Hamsa Hand Meaning: Hamsa hand has different meanings according to the beliefs. But the ordinary meaning found in all religions is “protection and coalition.”


Hand Symbol With Eye: It is also regarded as an anti-evil-eye. In the Hamsa hand, there is an eye on the palm. It protects the person wearing it by looking the evil eye towards that person. People wear them to avoid negativity and gain positivity.


Hand gestures meaning with picture:

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Concluding Remarks

The Hamsa symbol is dear to many communities because each has different beliefs. Using it in conversation shows how spiritual you are.