Half Moon Symbol 【Meaning, Copy and Paste】

Symbol of Half Moon For You To Copy and Paste is ☾

half moon symbol

The half moon is also known as the waning and waxing moon. It identifies seasonal changes, the changing tides, and the feminine menstrual cycle. It is a representation of birth and fertility and is linked with life and death, making it a popular symbol in many religions.

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Half Moon Symbolism In Religion

In Islam, the half moon sign represents the beginning and end of Ramadan fasting. This symbol did not begin with Islam; it was first employed by the city of Byzantine which later turned into Istanbul. The half moon symbol with a star became the Islamic emblem during the Ottoman Empire’s reign over the Muslim world.

Half Moon Symbol 2024


Copy & Paste


All Symbols That Can Be Used For Half Moon:

🌜, 🌛, 🌙, 🌑, 🌒, 🌓, 🌔, 🌕, 🌖, 🌗, 🌘, ☾, ☽, 🌝, 🌚

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the Half Moon symbol in just one click. Just click on the Half Moon symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

How to Add Half Moon Emoji in Mobile Texts

The waxing half moon emoji is available on both Android and iPhone. In text language, the half moon symbol represents goodnight wishes, dreams, or even nightmares. Emojis may appear differently on different systems. Every operating system, or device creator is free to create Emojis that reflect their business style and vision. Hover on your emoji keyboard on any of your devices, there you can find the half moon emoticon.

How to Add Half Moon Emoticon in Documents

Apart from the copy-and paste technique, there are three ways to add a half moon symbol in word documents. These include:

  • By using the ALT Code – The ALT code for Half moon sign is 9789. Turn on your Numeric keypad and type ALT + the code to get your symbol.
  • By using the dialogue box – Look for the moon symbol by clicking on “more symbols” in the symbol dialog box.
  • By using the text shortcut – the text shortcut for the half moon emoticon is 263D, Alt+X. It is compatible with Windows only. Type the text shortcut and then press ALT + X. As a result of this function, the emoji will appear.