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Halal is an Arabic term meaning “lawful” or “permitted,”. However, it mainly refers to what is permissible under Islamic law. It is the inverse of haram, which means unlawful or forbidden. Some items are halal or haram, but as with all Islamic legislation, others are subject to interpretation. When it comes to food and drink, halal is identical to the Jewish idea of kosher. However, what is halal and what is haram in a broader sense includes all elements of life. Non-Muslims may be only familiar with the term halal concerning its function in animal slaughter. Vegan cuisine is always halal. The only exception is when alcohol is present. Alcohol and any intoxicants are forbidden.

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Halal Symbol Around the World

There are around 1000 halal text logos available worldwide. While not standardised, the logo is not intended to attract an audience but to convey confidence among Muslims. Halal certification is a procedure that guarantees the characteristics and quality of products in accordance with the Islamic Council’s guidelines that enable the use of the Halal label. Halal-certified products are frequently labelled with a Halal mark or just the letter H.

Halal items are not just permitted for Muslims who are concerned about their health and dietary quality. To begin with, Muslims’ choice of halal items is largely influenced by religious restrictions. When a Muslim purchases a product from a halal retailer, he or she is certain that it is of excellent quality, created using Shariah-compliant technology, and does not include substances prohibited by Islam or components prohibited by the Quran.

The Halal symbol was developed to differentiate the permissible Muslim items. It is a round insignia in brilliant green and white with white “Halal” letters in uppercase set under or above the same text in Arabic.

What Does Halal Sign Possibly Mean?

Depending on where it is placed, the halal sign can be defined in white or black, or its borders can be severely carved to resemble the shape of an abstract sun. There are additional green color choices available, or the writing may be written in green on a white backdrop. Whatever the variation, the green and white combination represents paradise and innocence, and the Halal logo is unquestionably one of the most iconic symbols of the contemporary world. Even though the halal signs may not be famous they are extremely important to the certification bodies. The design teams spend a lot of time making them distinct.

What Does It Look Like?

The writing in English is set in the uppercase of a clean and tight sans-serif typeface that appears similar to fonts like Romance Story Sans. But with some curves of the letters adjusted and somewhat narrowed.

The Halal sign’s visual color palette is based on a rich and beautiful shade of green, one of the key hues of the Islamic world. Green is a sign of growth and fresh life; it indicates the start of something new and wonderful, and it perfectly complements the logo.


ح U+62D

ل U+644

ا U+627

ل U+644