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Ever heard of the simile “as sly as a fox?” You probably have and given the statement, you can already tell that foxes are supposed to be sly and cunning. They’re known for the way they creep up on their prey, and are great at planning and strategizing that way. Their nature tends to be crafty, and they are very cunning hunters. Hence, it only makes the most sense to come up with such a simile. But the real question is – is that what a fox emoji means? And what is the emoji actually like? 

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Fox Emoji 2024:


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Meaning Behind the Emoji of a Fox

Foxes are sly and cunning. They’re one of the most popular animals known for their insidious nature and fierce hunting. They do not spare any of their targets and almost always show up out of the blue. Therefore, the emoji is a common referral for somebody clever, and sly – as even discussed earlier. Not all people are kind, and some manipulate, and for them, an emoji of a fox is appropriate to use. 

While the emoji has a negative connotation, it doesn’t always have to be used in a serious and wrong tone. The emoji can also and does also have a slightly light tone to it. Therefore, the emoji is appropriate to use as slang just to tease someone for their antics. So, “foxy” is a term, and its following emoji can be used playfully too. 

Features of the Emoji 

The emoji is just the face of a fox and not the entire animal. Even then, the fox face emoji is quite detailed with rust-orange fur. The ears of the fox protrude upwards with a black outline, and the lower area of the face is white. No matter how accurate the facial features of the emoji are, it is still a cartoon-like figure that comes off as friendly and cute. 

Differences in the Emoji 

Usually, each device and platform have prominent differences between their emojis. However, there are not any major differences between how the emoji looks on Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp, or other places. For instance, there is a black fur outline on the ears of the fox on Apple and WhatsApp. Whereas, Samsung and Facebook have brown borders of fur around the orange on the ears. 

Meantime, there are 8 fox emoticons Japanese that you can choose from. 

Respective Codes 

There are different codes for each emoji to represent them. The ones for the fox are: 

Unicode: U+1F98A

Alt code: Alt + 129418