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EmojiDB is a website with lots of emojis and their meanings. If you’re looking for the perfect emoji to send, welcome to EmojiDB where you’ll find emojis, ranging from jello emoji to genies, you’ll find it all! The best part is you can copy-paste them all on your computer too.

Welcome to EmojiDB! 

Today’s world heavily relies on texting rather than face-to-face conversations. While texting does have its pros, it also has its cons. Some of these are getting too comfortable in not facing situations, and miscommunicating a message because the right vocal tone is not delivered via text. Hence, the latter is primarily where emojis come into play as they help portray emotions. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect emoji to send, welcome to EmojiDB where you’ll find emojis, ranging from jello emoji to genies, you’ll find it all! The best part is you can copy-paste them all on your computer too. 

Why Are Emojis So Widely Used? 

Originally, emojis were fashioned to be symbolic to represent tone in voice and body language. They were, thus, considered to be a great substitute for depicting actual and real-time emotions – whether it was sarcasm, humor, or unhappiness – a pact of emojis was meant to do it all.

Soon after, they did become symbolic in the sense that each emoji now has a certain, pre-determined meaning that is universally understood such as the moaning face emoji. Apart from delivering the right message, emojis are a quick representation of particular concepts like various bisexual emoji flag, and directions. Therefore, just with a single click on an emoji, you can change the whole meaning of your text. 

Cute Emoji – EmojisDB

Because emojis are so common, we’ve taken the privilege to make them readily accessible to you. You can use our website for emojis you can’t see on your phone due to a different software, or any reason. Plus, you can use them on your computer too, no matter if it’s a hippie smiley face or emojis of an avocado. 

Once you visit EmojiDB, you will dive into a sea of emojis – ones you’ve heard of or seen, and others that are simply unimaginable. This diversity ends up providing you with a variety for a perfect conversation via text.

Apart from us giving you multiple categories of these emoticons to choose from, each category also has everything remotely similar to what you chose. So, if there’s something you’re forgetting, or mismatching an emoji, then you’re bound to find the ideal one. 

Another advantage is that, after you’ve selected a vaguely familiar emoji suitable for you, you can also find similar emojis to create a combination. For instance, you found the fire hydrant emoji. Under it, you’ll come across a list of other emojis perfectly fitting to the hydrant, such as flames, fire truck, fireman, and an emoji of a lighter. The same is the case for any emoji you pick for yourself on EmojiDB.

But hold and behold – the best feature of our website is the copy-paste feature. Sometimes, certain phone software versions don’t support a specific emoji keyboard, or at times, you just can’t fight the most appropriate one on the keyboard you already have. On the other hand, computers generally don’t have an emoji keyboard. In all such instances or others, you can rely on us for giving so many options of emojis which when clicked, are copied on the clipboard. Through the clipboard, they can be pasted anywhere you want. In a nutshell, like you copy and paste anything and everything, you can now do the same with a cholo emoji or any other on EmojiDB

Copy and Paste Symbols, Emojis, Emoticons – EmojisDB

With us being around, you no longer have to worry about finding the most picture-perfect emoji of goofy flip-flops or anything else that’s close to you. If not the exact same, you’re sure to find something like it in our extremely extensive collection. If you don’t see what you’re looking for upfront, then don’t hesitate to simply type it in the search bar for a complete ensemble because let’s face it, a nail-biting emoji or such is pretty particular. After you’ve located your top favorites, just copy and paste them!

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