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Emoji of Crown For You To Copy and Paste is 👑

A crown symbol represents a gold and jeweled crown and is commonly used to express literal and metaphorical aspects of monarchy and superiority. The crown emoji is frequently used to augment or represent many ideals of monarchy and, by extension, greatness. It is commonly used to identify social-media discussions about the British Royal Family, particularly during royal weddings and infants.

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The symbol also identifies talks about the popular Netflix show The Crown, which depicts Queen Elizabeth’s life, as well as fantasy literature. The crown emoticon is used to allude to various kingdoms across the world, most notably following the death of Thailand’s long-reigning King Bhumibol in 2016.

In the New Testament, some Christians use the crown emoticon to identify debates about Jesus Christ, also known as the Prince of Peace, and his ministry concerning the Kingdom of God or Heaven. Many women, in general, may use the crown emoticon to depict themselves as queens, or powerful, gorgeous, and accomplished women sometimes posting selfies.

Crown Emoji 2024


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All Emojis that can be used for crown:

♔,♕,👑,🤴,👸, 💫,🌟,⭐,♛,♕,♖,♚,♛,♟,😇,🤴,👸,👰,💎,🏅

How To Use These Emojis:

Copy and paste the crown Emoji in just one click. Just click on the crown Emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

How Does Crown Emoji Look Like on Different Platforms?

The crown icon appears frequently in talks and postings regarding various royal dynasties. Others, on the other hand, use it to indicate monarchy or prosperity. It embodies the sense that someone is special and superior to others in its indirect meaning. It may also be used as a sign of wealth and grandeur, especially when combined with other emojis associated with monarchy.

The Crown emoji 👑 was first included in Unicode 6.0 in October 2010. After that year, the crown emoticon expanded its reach by making its debut on Android and iOS smartphones. The sign first appeared as part of iOS 5, Apple Inc.’s fifth major version of the iOS mobile operating system.

Meanwhile, in the Android world, the Crown emoji debuted as part of Jelly Bean, Google’s 10th edition of the mobile operating system. Jelly Bean, or Android 4.3 as it was more technically called, was the first operating system upgrade to incorporate an emoji keyboard.

If you like a lovely, solid hue crown, you have two options: Facebook’s and JoyPixel’s versions. Facebook’s jewels are sparkling, bright, and blue, but JoyPixel’s stones are a purple, red, and blue mix.

Apple’s crown is made of gold and accented with green and violet stones, while Samsung’s gems are a mix of purplish-blue and violet. In comparison to Apple and Samsung, Google’s crown is more yellow-gold in hue. However, the general design and gem hues of Apple’s crown are very similar to those of Google.

How To Type Crown Emoji

Use a keyboard shortcut or use a symbol to type a crown in Microsoft Office software. If you’re not using MS Office and want to generate a crown symbol to share on social media, use the Windows Character Map tool to copy and paste the symbol.

1.Use The Character Map

You may use the Windows Character Map to copy symbols to your system’s clipboard and subsequently paste them. Although the tool may be used in Microsoft Office products, it is also beneficial if you are working on another application or wish to replicate a crown icon on a website.

  • To access Character Map from the Windows 8 Home screen, start a search for character map and pick the tool. In Windows 7, navigate to the Start menu and choose Character Map.
  • Select Character Map from the search results.
  • Choose a typeface with crown symbols, such as Arial Unicode MS or Segoe UI Symbol. Crown icons are associated with chess pieces, thus enter “chess” into the Search For box. 
  • Check Advanced View to enlarge the menu if you can’t see the box.
  • Choose one of the crown pictures and press Select to add it to the Characters To Copy box. 
  • Select “Copy” to copy the crown to the clipboard. You may now copy and paste the symbol. By using this method you can get a crown emoji in black and white

2.Use Alt Codes

There are keyboard shortcuts in Windows for inserting four distinct crown symbols based on King and Queen chess pieces. Hold down the Alt key and input the symbol’s numeric code using the number keypad rather than the numbers on your keyboard to apply a shortcut. When you release Alt, the symbol appears.


Symbols  Alt Codes
White King crown ♔ Alt-9812
White Queen crown  ♕  Alt-9813
Black King crown ♚  Alt-9818
Black Queen crown ♛   Alt-9819


  1. Use The Symbol Tool

  • Select the place where you wish to add the crown icon in an MS Office application.
  • Select the Insert tab. Choose Symbol, then More Symbols.
  • To find the crown emoticon, go to the “More Symbols” menu.
  • Change the font to Arial Unicode MS and the subset to Miscellaneous Symbols in the Font box. 
  • Choose the crown sign from the list, then click Insert, and then Close.