Counterbore Symbol [Emoji, Copy and Paste]

Counterbore Symbol For You To Copy and Paste is ⌴

Have you ever encountered the counterbore symbol and wondered what it means or how to use it? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! We’ll tell more information behind the counterbore symbol, explain its use in technical drawings, and teach you how to type it using alt codes. Let’s get started!

Counterbore Symbol 2023:


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All Symbols That Can Be Used For Counterbore:

⌴, ↔, ↩, ↪, 🕳, ⤵, ↖

How to Use These Symbols? 

Copy and paste the Counterbore symbol in just one click. Just click on the Counterbore symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

What is The Counterbore Symbol? 

The counter bore symbol is a unique character used in engineering and technical drawings to indicate a specific type of hole. A counterbore hole has two diameters: a more extensive, shallow diameter on top and a smaller, deeper diameter beneath it. This design allows fasteners, like screws or bolts, to sit flush with the surface when inserted into the hole. The counterbore symbol looks like this: .

Where Is The Counterbore Symbol Used? 

The counter bore symbol is mainly used in technical drawings, blueprints, and engineering documents. It helps provide clear instructions to machinists, builders, and engineers on creating the desired hole shape. By including the counterbore symbol in a drawing, professionals can ensure that the correct type of hole is designed and that the fasteners fit correctly.

How Can I Type the Counterbore Symbol Using Alt Codes? 

Typing the counterbore symbol using alt codes is a convenient way to include it in your documents or messages. Follow these steps to type the counterbore symbol using alt codes:

  1. Make sure your Num Lock is enabled.
  2. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard.
  3. While holding the Alt key, type the code for the counterbore symbol using the numeric keypad.

For Windows Users:

  • Alt + 8988 () for the counterbore symbol

For Mac Users:

  • Option + 2324 () for the counterbore symbol

Note: Alt codes may not work on some laptop keyboards without a dedicated numeric keypad.

How Can I Copy and Paste the Counterbore Symbol? 

If you prefer to copy and paste the counterbore symbol, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate a Source: Find the counterbore symbol online by searching for it using your preferred search engine or visiting websites offering special characters.
  2. Copy the Symbol: Once you’ve found the counterbore symbol (), click on it to highlight it, then right-click and choose “Copy” or press “Ctrl+C” (Windows) or “Cmd+C” (Mac).
  3. Paste the Symbol: Place your cursor where you’d like to insert the counterbore symbol in your document or message, then right-click and choose “Paste” or press “Ctrl+V” (Windows) or “Cmd+V” (Mac).


The counterbore symbol () is essential in technical drawings, conveying crucial information about hole designs. You can easily include it in your documents or messages by learning to type the symbol using alt codes or copying and pasting it. Understanding the counterbore symbol’s meaning and use is essential for anyone working with or studying engineering and technical drawings.