Candle Emoji [Symbol, Copy and Paste]

Candle Emoji For You To Copy and Paste is 🕯️

Nowadays, people almost always think of candles as ‘scented candles’ used to keep their homes smelling fresh and welcoming. Candles are mainly used for purposes to decorate now. However, there was a time when people thought of candles purely as a source of light. Candles now come in a container, so the wax doesn’t even melt anywhere else. But previously, candles were just sticks of wax and the wax would melt downwards, into our surroundings. Thus, a lot has changed even about candles over the years. So, which form of candle has its emoji taken? 

Candle Emoji 2023:


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All Emoji That Can Be Used For Candle:

🕯️, 🕯, 🪔, 🔥, ✨, ⚡, 🕎, ☀️, 🧨, 🏫

How to Use These Emojis? 

Copy and paste the candle emojis in just one click. Just click on the candle emoji copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

Candle Emoji – What Is It like? 

The emoji is very similar to the concept of candles back in the day. It is a burning white candle, with wax dripping down the sides. It is a cylindrical candle, and because it is burning, it has a flame as well. 

Despite all platforms and devices having similar emojis of candles, the candle emoji iPhone has one addition of a silver, flat candle holder at the bottom of the candle to catch the dripping wax. Apple’s emoji also has a more natural shade of white, leaning towards a cream color. However, Samsung’s emoji is completely white, having a tint of silver in the body of the candle. 

When it comes to the emoji of WhatsApp, the candle is visually much shorter in height than all other candles. The color of the candle also looks run down and rustic as it is more of a yellow, cream color. Twitter’s emoji is also short in height, but less detailed and purely white. 

Candle emoji Facebook stands out as well as the flame of the candle is very small and deep in the candle. 

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What Is The Candle Emoji Meaning? 

Just by looking at the emoji, it reminds us of a time when such candles were used in the darkness during a power outage or in the bath. Other than that, the meanings of the emoji can be extracted from candles being widely used during Halloween. Candles are also a prime source of attraction on birthdays or other such celebrations where candles strengthen the ambiance. Extending from a candle’s ability in contributing to the ambiance, candles are additionally used to create a romantic and intimate setup given the little light they can illuminate. 

Candles are associated with having a relaxing time too because of their dim light and smell. Candles are a huge part of moments of remembrance such as vigils and are widely seen in some religious activities. At times, they are simply a symbol of prayer. 

Lastly, amongst many other possible meanings behind the emoji, the emoji is especially popular on Twitter in the Summoning Circle meme. 

Its Unicode is U+1F56F