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Hawaii, though located in the United States, is a beautiful entity on its own. Visiting Hawaii is on many people’s bucket lists. Hawaii’s tropical rainforests and beaches are the main attraction of the state, with ‘Maui’ gathering the most attention. Many tourists visit Hawaii each year, and are not just fascinated by its landscape, but are also taken aback by its culture, which is very different from the typical culture found in the country. Therefore, stemming from their culture and other factors is a call me hand emoji and if you want to go to Hawaii, then you should know about this emoji. 

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Call me Hand Emoji 2024:


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How to use these emojis? 

Copy and paste the call me hand emoji in just one click. Just click on the call me hand emojis copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

What is the sign of ‘call me hand?’ 

Unlike many other emojis and their titles, this emoji’s title isn’t very self-explanatory. Additionally, it doesn’t just have one title, but two others. The emoji is called a ‘shaka emoji’, which is synonymous with a ‘hang loose emoji,’ but not to “call me hand” – creating two distinct interpretations of the emoji. The shaka is a sign made with a hand, making use of folded fingers. 

The signs, and their respective emoji, which are the same, are a hand with the thumb and the pink finger pointing upwards or out, while all the other fingers are folded in. This gesture is very similar to or is the exact same as the sign for making a phone out of your hands. 

Meaning of the emoji 

If we take the classic phone sign we’ve been making like this since childhood, the emoji could simply mean “call me.” Where you could sneakily show this sign to someone with an expected look to give them the signal to call you. 

On the other hand, the emoji is also used for shaka by many users. As Hawaii is a great state to surf on its vast beaches, numerous people use the emoji with a surfing symbol for “surf’s up.” In Hawaiian culture, the shaka sign is also used to say “right on,” “thank you,” and “things are great.” 

Where is this emoji on your computer? 

No matter which of the dual purposes you want to use this emoji for, you can not only find it on your phone but also on your computer. If you’re a Windows or Mac user, it’s still easy to get your hands on the emoji by pressing a few buttons on the emoji keyboard. 

Mac: command, control, space bar

Windows: Windows logo key and period 

Nonetheless, its codepoints are U+1F919.