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Looking to add some symbols and emojis to your messages? We’ve put together a collection of Calendar Emojis that you can easily copy and paste. We have Calendar Emojis, Symbols, and Emoticons in Text, png, ASCII, and art forms. They will add a playful touch when you share them on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & even on WhatsApp.

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Simply click on them to copy and then paste them to make your chats on iPhone/iOS or Android more interesting. We also tell you about the meanings behind them along with the meanings of spiral emoji and google calendar. It’s almost like inserting a hidden message or meme into your texts. So, feel free to check out everything below:

Calendar Emoji 2023


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All Emojis that can be used for Calendar:


How to use these emojis?

Copy and paste the Calendar Emoji in just one click. Just click on the copy button next to the emoji/symbol and done! It is now copied, you can now insert it anywhere by simply pasting it anywhere you want.

Calendar Emoji Meaning

The calendar is represented by the ” 📅” emojis, which stands for “date, event, and scheduling”. When people use these emojis, they are often referring to plans, events, or days of the week. It can be used as a reminder to make a plan or to save the date. The “Save the Date” or “Let’s Make a Plan” emojis help us to keep track of important moments in our lives, such as parties, meetings, or special occasions. Therefore, when the calendar appears, it serves as a reminder to stay organized.

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What is this emoji 📆?

The “Tear-Off Calendar” is an emoji that symbolizes the passing of days and events. The “Schedule” and “Event” emojis are symbols of planning, scheduling, and organizing. People use these emojis to communicate about upcoming events, and appointments or to mark important dates. The “Time Management” (“TEM”) and “Date” emojis are visual reminders to stay up to date with life’s events and manage time efficiently

Why is the date on the emoji July 17?

World Emoji Day is commonly referred to as “Emoji Day” due to the date that appears on the Apple Calendar emojis. This date is commonly set to July 17. World Emoji Day was created to celebrate the widespread use and appreciation of emojis and their role in modern digital conversations.

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What symbol is this 🌀?

It stands for “winding vortex” or “cyclone.” It’s a combination of the words “winding” and “cyclone”. It’s also a symbol of energy, change and transformation. When you’re in the middle of a swirling vortex, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotions or events that are happening around you. This is why many people use this emojis to describe a chaotic or mesmerizing situation, whether it’s literally or metaphorically.