Bullet Point Symbol 【Meaning and Symbolism】

Symbol of Bullet Point For You To Copy and Paste is ▶

The bullet sign can be in many different forms, including round, square, diamond, and arrow. bull is a type of typographic symbol or character that is used to represent entries in a checklist. Typical word processing software has a large number of shapes and colours.

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In ASCII-only text or other situations where bullet characters are not accessible, normal symbols such as * (asterisk), – (hyphen),. (period), and even o are commonly used. The bullet point meaning was somewhat similar to the index sign showing a hand with a pointing index finger and was historically popular. Bullet point symbols are used to highlight vital information inside a document so that the reader may easily identify the major themes and facts.

Bullet Point Symbol 2023


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All Symbols that can be used for bullet Point:

▶,👉, ➤,➢,➼,➔,➡,▪,•,✔️,🟢,●,📌,✔,🔹,✅,🟠,👉🏻,☑,◘,⦿,✦

How To Use These Symbols:

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What is The Meaning Of a Bullet Point Symbol?

We’ve all seen the bullet point in one way or another, most commonly as lists, whether it be a grocery list or a list of countries. Thus, to sum it up, a bullet point is a symbol that showcases the introduction of an article to a list. Bullet points are very common in informal writing, nonetheless, they are also used in formal settings.

In a formal environment, bullet points are typically used in presentations to put forth a summary of a certain point as a minimalistic sentence. When such sentences are combined as bullet points, rather than an entire paragraph, it is quick and easier to read. In other settings, bullets are frequently used to give step-by-step instructions as they help break larger sentences into less complex ones. Hence, bullet points are effective in capturing an audience as they don’t feel overwhelmed by long paragraphs.

Where is Bullet Point Text Common?

Usually, bullet points are found in presentations and technical writings, along with references and quick notes. Given bullet point meaning, it is most regularly used for the following functions, or in the following ways:

  • Summarizations
  • Emphasizing major points
  • Listing items
  • Giving directions

Did you notice something in the above format of writing? Did it seem familiar? Bullet points were used above because a list of things was being written! And that also explains how to use bullets.

What Does The Classic Bullet Point Look Like?

The bullet point we’re all familiar with is the one that is a black dot – this is also referred to as the “dot symbol.” It is called the dot symbol because, in actuality, the symbol does simply appear to be a black circle, filled in black ink – much like a dot, or a period we make at the end of the sentences.

Are There Other Forms Of Bullet Points?

Almost every symbol, or even an emoji, has an alternate symbol that is used along with it. Similarly, other symbols can be used instead of a dot to represent the same meaning. The most common one is a circle – much like a dot, except that it’s not filled. A checkmark is also vividly used rather than dots, simply because they’re more aesthetically appealing to the eye. Shapes like squares and diamonds are also found as common substitutes. Arrows are too popular to miss as potential substitutes. Arrows and check marks are not only readily found in software such as MS Word, but also real-life settings using a pen and paper.

Normally, any symbol can be used to break sentences like a bullet. Even hyphens could be used for such a purpose. However, there are some common ones as mentioned above. Apart from that, those substitutes are also found as “bullets” in writing and typing programs such as MS Word. Their appearance on software makes them more legit and prominent enough to be mentioned.

Codes For Bullet Points

There are Unicode, as well as alt codes that can be used for bullet points and their respective variations. The more prevalent codes are Unicode, with each variation having its own kind. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Dot – U+2022
  • Hyphen – U+2043
  • Vacant Circle – U+25CB
  • Triangle facing towards the left – U+2023

Another way of getting the symbol of a dot is using the numeric keypad. Hence, if the numeric keypad, in particular, is not used, the dot will not appear. To see the dot with that, press the NumLk key, and then hold onto the Alt key while pressing the following keys in succession – 0, 1, 4, and 9.

How To Get Bullet Points’ Dots On Computer Systems?

It’s very easy to find emojis and symbols on phones now as an emoji keyboard or a symbolic keyboard comes with a regular letter keyboard. However, in today’s world, achieving the same on computer systems isn’t all that worrisome.

On Windows, the symbol of a dot appears after pressing Alt and then 7, specifically on the numpad of a US keyboard. On Mac, the US keyboard is again used with the same procedure, except that the number 8 is used.

If neither of these works due to a lack of numpad, pressing another set of keys will work. On Windows, press the Windows Logo Key and then the period key for the emoji keyboard to appear. On the top ribbon, there will be keyboard options such as emojis and symbols. Press on symbols for the symbol keyboard to appear on the panel. Then, simply scroll through to look for bullets. On Mac, press command, control, and space, then on the top right of the emoji box, click on Character View to get all other symbols.

Unicodes For Bullet Point Icons


Symbol Unicode
• bullet symbol U+2022 
‣ triangular bullet symbol U+2023
○ white circle symbol U+25cb 
● big dot symbol U+25cf 
◦ white bullet symbol U+25e6 


How to Insert Bullet Point Symbol in Word

Creating a bulleted list in a document is probably an everyday task. However, there isn’t only one way to do so! Look at a few ways you can add a bullet point emoji in your documents: 

1.Use the Symbol Dialogue Box

You can simply put this symbol into your Word document using the Insert Symbol dialogue box.

  • Insert the cursor where you need the symbol to appear and navigate to the Insert tab.
  • Press the Symbols button in the Symbols group, then select “More Symbols” from the drop-down menu.
  • The Symbol dialogue box will be shown. This window is a symbol library for Microsoft Word.
  • Find the bullet point character in the symbol collection.
  • Use the Subset dropdown option to view various sorts of symbols to quickly locate this symbol. The bullet or point symbol may be found in the “General punctuation” subset.
  • Click on the symbol to select it, then click on the insert button. 

2.Use The Alt Codes

All Microsoft Word characters have a unique identifier called alt codes that may be used to enter the symbols into Word. Follow the steps below to put the bullet point icon into Word using the Alt Code:

  • Insert the insertion cursor where you wish the symbol to appear.
  • Press the alt code i.e 0149 for the bullet point symbol on keyboard while holding down the Alt key.
  • Now, let go of the Alt key.
  • When you let go of the Alt key, the symbol will appear in your Word document precisely where the cursor was.

3.Use The Autocorrect Method

The AutoCorrect feature in Word may be used to insert the Bullet Point symbol. It is a tool for correcting spelling errors, such as hieght to height. You may use this approach to assign a shortcut to the bullet point text symbol.

What makes this technique appealing is that you can assign whatever code you want to the symbol, and Word will gladly insert it for you anytime you write the assigned code.

  • Click Symbol on the Insert tab, then More Symbols. The Symbol dialogue box will pop up.
  • Find the Bullet Point icon and click it to choose it.
  • To open the AutoCorrect dialogue, click the AutoCorrect button.
  • Enter the text you wish to use as a shortcut in the AutoCorrect dialogue box.
  • Click OK after clicking Add.
  • When you input the predefined shortcut, Word will immediately insert the Bullet Point symbol into your page.

However, if there is any content before or after the AutoCorrect text, Word will make it part of the text and will not convert it to the Bullet Point symbol.


Ways To Insert Bullet Point Icon In Mac

Using bullets can help you arrange things or highlight key details more easily while writing an email or giving a presentation. Here’s how you can do it with Mac:

1.Use Mac Character Viewer

When you want more than a simple black bullet, utilise the Mac’s Character Viewer to see a comprehensive assortment of symbols and emojis. 

  • Choose one and insert it into a text box or document. 
  • Select Emoji & Symbols from the Edit option on the menu bar at the top of any programme to access this tool. 
  • Alternatively, you may access the Character Viewer by hitting the Spacebar+Control+Command buttons simultaneously.
  • When the Character Viewer appears, put “bullet” into the search area to see a list of bullet styles, or choose Bullets/Stars from the sidebar.  Place your cursor on the document’s desired place and click the bullet you wish to add to it.

2.Use Bullet Point Mac Shortcut

The simplest method to insert a basic bullet into text is to use Mac keyboard shortcuts, which require clicking two or more keys at the same time.

On a Mac, set the mouse where you want the bullet and use the Option+8 keyboard command to create a normal solid black bullet point.