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What Is A Bar Symbol?

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Have you just seen a bar in your studies or work and want to get more information about it to make good use of it on your own? No need to search for it here and there, as we are here to guide you with this. 

A bar symbol is a sign like a straight line. That’s the reason these symbols are also known as line symbols. 

Bar Symbol 2024


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All Symbols that can be used for Bar:

|, /, \,〚〛,『,《》,︼,﹜,﹜,﹄,﹃,﹁,〘,〙, ↼, ↾ , ↸ , ↥ , ↦ , ↧ , ↨ , ↹ ,↼ ,  ↽ , ↾ , ⇀ , ⇃ , ⇂ , ∤ , ∥ , ∦ , ∥ , ∦ , ∤ , ∖ , ∔ ,〖〗,

How To Use These Symbols:

Copy and paste the Bar symbol in just one click. Just click on the Bar symbol copy button next to it and insert it anywhere.

The Types Of Bars:

There are two types of bars, depending on their orientation. They are horizontal and vertical bars. 

Horizontal bars also have two types. They are named the Macron and Vinculum. 

Macron is the one that comes over a single variable. 

The vinculum is the one that comes over more than one symbol.

Vertical bars also have many common ones in their category, especially in maths and physics. For example, 

  • X bar has its use as the indication of the arithmetic mean or average of a given set. (It means that when we take the average of values by summing them and then dividing them by their total number of values, we use the x bar there.)
  • We use the Y bar just as the x bar, but it is for denoting the sample means. 
  • P bar is known as pico bar, which is a unit for pressure. It has its use as a symbol for the fundamental particles or antiprotons. 
  • V bar is in use as a sign of an average for speed and velocity.

The Purpose Of Using Bar Signs:

The purpose or significance of using these bar signs is as follows:

  • It has great significance in statistics, typography, physics, computing, and maths because of its use in the calculations of means for different stats. 
  • To show and make a compliment set of any set, we use this symbol.
  • We also use these bar signs to represent complex conjugates.
  • Etc.

Adding The Symbol In Various Applications To Use:

If you are interested in adding these line symbols to your applications and documents, you do not have to go anywhere else for that. You can use the methods that we are going to mention below for this purpose. 

Using Keyboard

The first way is to use your keyboard keys and Unicode through which you can have these signs where you need them. 

Entering Vertical Bar:

  • If you want to enter a vertical bar, you will use the Unicode:

U + 007C

  • You can also use the following for your windows:

alt + 124 

  • For Mac devices, you will go for the following:

alt + 1

Entering Horizontal Bar:

  • If you want to enter a horizontal line symbol using a keyboard, use the operation:

alt + 8213

Using Copy-Paste Way

There are no separate rules for the entrance of vertical and horizontal bars. For both of them, all you have to do is to select the bar you want to add to your document. Copy them to the clipboard. Then, paste it into your files. And that’s all.