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Agnosticism is the term that describes the existence of God, the divine, or the extraordinary is unknown or unknowable. Another idea presented is that “human reasoning is unable to generate adequate intellectual grounds to establish either belief in God or belief in God’s nonexistence.”

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T.H. Huxley, a British scientist, invented the term agnosticism in 1869 at a conference of the Metaphysical Society in London. He created the term to describe his own perspective. However, earlier thinkers, such as Sanjaya Belatthaputta, an Indian philosopher, expressed agnosticism about any afterlife. while Protagoras, a Greek scholar who expressed agnosticism about the existence of “the gods,” had published works that highlighted agnostic points of view.

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⚛️, ⚛, ☸, 🤷🏻, ☸️, ☦, ⛧, ✡️, ✡. ✝,🛐,🕉️

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Agnostic & Atheist – The Difference

There are two terms that frequently generate misunderstanding in the domain of religious and belief or non-belief i.e agnostic and atheist. One significant issue is that both atheism and agnosticism deal with the presence of gods. Whereas atheism is concerned with what a person believes or does not believe, agnosticism is concerned with what a person knows or does not know. Belief and knowledge are connected but are distinct concerns.

There is a key difference between these two names. An atheist is an individual who does not have faith in the existence of a divine being. The word atheist has its roots from the Greek word atheos, which is made up of two syllables a- (“without”) and theos (“a deity”). The concept or belief that there is no God is known as atheism.

While an agnostic, is considered someone who neither accepts or rejects the existence of a god or religious philosophy. Agnostics believe it is impossible to know how the cosmos came to be or whether divine creatures exist.

Different Kinds Of Agnosticism

Huxley’s comment emphasises both the fact that agnosticism is related to not knowing and that this not knowing is specifically related to religious teaching. However, etymology allows less restricted meanings of the word.

In the book Materialism and Empirio-Criticism written in 1908, Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, contrasted between the extremes of real materialism with the audacious idealism of George Berkeley who was an 18th-century idealist, on the other. He recognized the “agnosticism” of David Hume and a German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, as attempted halfway houses between them.

Are There Any Agnostic Symbols?

Atheists have a scarlet A, Christians have crosses and fishes, and Muslims have a star and crescent, as well as the Shahada. But are there any agnostic symbols?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any recognized agnostic symbols. Just like an atomic whirl is a symbolic representation of atheism, the letter “A” with a single stroke around it represents agnosticism. Here is what it looks like:

If you wish to add the agnostic symbol to your texts, you can simply copy and paste it. Click on the symbol and then hit Ctrl+C. Place the cursor where you wish to copy the symbol and then press Ctrl+V. In this way, the symbol will be copied to your desired destination.